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‘Quickly Becoming Clear’ Rioters Had ‘Material Support, Funding, and Operational Intelligence’ From the White House

It really is sinking in, even among people that don’t pay much attention to politics. This wasn’t some “rally” that Trump just incited to a fever pitch to march up to the Capitol and then it all exploded into a spontaneous dangerous situation. We saw images on Wednesday of rioters seemingly let in the building itself, there was no rush to arrest anyone and it was all … weird, as of Wednesday.

Seen back from four to five days now, it’s becoming undeniable that this was far more organized, had far more concrete goals, and that there was a reason that Trump didn’t get on television and tell the crowds to disperse earlier. They hadn’t completed Trump’s mission. They didn’t … catch Pence? Force Congress to take the vote at gunpoint?

The very “end game” is less clear – right now – than the fact that someone helped ensure that the Capitol only had its regular token police force with no fallback for help, that the rioters had accurate intelligence, that many of them were bused in for the event with questions as to who paid, and many other aspects. It becomes obvious that this starts getting to a level of logistics that require the assistance of people that can give orders and there are precious few of those around.

There is also one fact that stands out as yet to be seen whether it played any role, or was a deeply insidious part of the plan, Trump firing Defense Secretary Mark Esper on November 11th and replacing the DoD team with completely loyal sycophants.

But some of this isn’t even in question anymore and prominent reporters in Washington are now openly talking about it. Read all the way through from top to bottom, we post every other tweet to save space. Max Burns is a contributor to The Daily Beast, The Independent, and several other prominent sites:

In other words, people are scared enough or have hard enough evidence on background, to simply come out and say it now. The “White House” was somehow in on the plot and it’s not just that Trump knows the language used on 8chan. No, the “White House” was in on providing operational support, funding, and intelligence.

There are not many people left in the White House right now. We will say it one more time. We wish Congress had stayed in town over the weekend. There is still a lot of investigating to be done to connect all the dots. But many people are certain that the dots exist.

Trump needs to be arrested or pushed out.


Peace, y’all
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