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Rep. Lauren Boebert ‘Was in Stand-Off on Capitol Hill After Refusing Bag Search’ After She Set Off Metal Detector

Republican Representative Lauren Boebert (Colorado 3rd District) is off to the roughest start in her first week in Congress. Then again, one will have a tough time when one’s a conspiracy theorist mega-MAGA gun nut and newly elected. She puts out commercials about carrying her “2nd Amendment right” in Congress, seemingly (not proven yet) live texts the location of Nancy Pelosi to the hordes rioting in the Capitol yelling, “Kill Pence,” “Kill Pelosi,” and then acting just as bitter after the riots as she was before and during a riot in which she could have been killed in the crossfire.

She has earned quite a reputation on Twitter and it ain’t good, y’all, as you might imagine. She still aligns herself 100% with Trump despite the obvious insurrection led by her buddies, indeed it might have spurned her on more.

Yeah, this is an important principle to fight over given all the country has gone through recently. Not for nothing but this woman is still possibly under investigation for her role in the riots and perhaps isn’t someone that security can trust carrying weapons around the Capitol. Indeed, if one had to point to the most dangerous representative, she might likely win.

Her relationship with her gun is almost sexual, but stronger. Even if most of us would prefer not to move on from a partner we might happen to have, most of us can conceive of a future where things normalize with someone else. It is hard to imagine that Boebert could have a stronger, more committed and satisfying relationship with anything but her gun.

Perhaps that’s why she didn’t give it up, in spite of the fact that Capitol Police didn’t want her to take it into the chamber.

Yeah, that’s our girl, above. Looks like the regular soccer mom who wants to talk about Qanon all day, tell you that Democrats eat babies, that Donald Trump is going to arrest them all, that guns are necessary to secure her freedom to walk around in an orgasmic state and it trumps your right to freely associate without getting shot, and if you ever let her drive your kids home they’d be talking about the coming invasion by the United Nations in their blue helmets and the black helicopters that fly around out west.

Other than that, that, totally normal woman.

Peace, y’all
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