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REPORT: Trump in a Downward Spiral with Only His Most-Dangerous and Extreme Advisers Around Him

One of the many things about Donald Trump that the Trumpistas never learned is that businessman Donald Trump did not control this vast business empire with thousands of employees and offices all over the world. (That would have been Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon, and note the differences between the two.) No, the Trump Organization had about two floors of the Trump building in Manhattan and two to three dozen employees. That’s it. They were a “brand” and others did the work.

Trump’s “business partners” in that endeavor were primarily his sons and daughter, the only people loyal enough for Trump and perhaps the only people that sought out attention and not just money. It was a very tight-knit group that Trump ruled with an iron fist. We can speculate endlessly as to why Trump loved such an organization.

And now here we are.

We don’t have time to list the names of all those who have passed through the doors of the White House and even Wiki is surely missing some from the list. Even in the post-inauguration phase, the rats continued to jump ship at an alarming rate. Here, now, at the end, with Trump at his absolutely most dangerous, the only ones left are the freaks and diehards, every bit as insane as him.

This morning, John Harwood elaborated on CNN (Thanks to Rawstory for the transcript):

As the president has become increasingly deranged in his conduct, the people willing to be around him are people who are the most extreme, the most unreasonable, the most disconnected from reality. You’re talking about Navarro, you’re talking people like Rudy Giuliani who has advised the president and others.”

The real question right now is about who is actually running the government of the United States,” he added. “We saw, of course, [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi reaching out to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs last week to clarify safeguards in place that would prevent a deranged president from launching a military strike or a nuclear strike, God forbid

… I would say to most of the people who are leaving, if you leave in the last two weeks of this administration, you are probably doing it to cleanse your own reputation rather than have a constructive step on the process. And one of the things that people can be thankful for is that some people, some national security officials, some people like White House Counsel Pat Cipollone are staying.

That is exactly right.

Every political-type that served with Trump is facing a future with the scarlet “T” etched into their designer clothing. For the very few good people left, those nameless ones on the NSA that are just serving their country, there is nothing noble about resigning now, some of them do the country a bigger favor by staying and minding Trump.

The problem is that most of those people still standing are political junkies, ones that are just as freakish and dangerous as Trump. Stephen Miller, Peter Navarro, Ivanka, “Kush,” people who also face investigation and possible prosecution, this is the group in close proximity left to advise Trump. It is an echo chamber of fanatics all facing a terrible near-term future. They are not to be trusted in case that even needed to be said.

It is Monday. Horrific reports filed in all weekend. This report simply reenforces the danger we face. Now that the workweek has started, Trump must be out of the White House by this evening.



Peace, y’all
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