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Staffers Left ‘Dumbfounded’ After Melania Refused to Intercede and Force Her Husband to End Riots (She Was Busy Rearranging a Vase)

The increasing number of details leaking out suggesting that the Trump White House wanted the riot and insurrection to occur almost guarantee that Trump will face a massive criminal investigation into his role in the entire matter, including the White House’s failure to do much of anything to intercede after inciting the insurrection.

We already set out a report noting that Trump was far more angered that the crowd looked like “low class” people than he was concerned about the violence or that it was happening at all. Now it appears that Melania proved herself to be every bit Trump’s equal yet again – something else we’ve reported on a number of times, including early yesterday.

CNN has reported that amidst all the violence and danger, Melania hosted a photoshoot of the furniture and rugs she has had restored in the White House for a coffee-table book she is writing.

But now we find out that White House staff begged Melania to intercede and force Trump to go on TV and get his supporters to stop. Melania is one of the very few people left in this country that has any pull at all with Trump. She refused to even speak to Trump about it and moved on wiping a vase. According to the Daily Mail:

The heart of US government was under siege, our very democracy on the line, but Mrs. Trump was calmly arranging porcelain figurines for the photographer,’ the source continued, saying even the most loyal remaining Trump staffers were left ‘dumbfounded’ by her actions.

Indeed, the First Lady’s closest adviser, her chief of staff Stephanie Grisham, tendered her resignation later that day.

Melania was even asked to intercede, to force her husband to publicly decry the insurgency, but she refused. ‘She said nothing. She remained silent and carried on arranging a vase for the shoot. She checked out of this presidency and her marriage a long time ago.’

Every time. Every time that we think that these people can no longer surprise us, they prove that they actually can. They can always make it worse.

The fact that so many absolute loyalists like Stephanie Grisham resigned and are talking (these details had to come from more than just Grisham because the Daily Mail would need to confirm them with a second source) proves that at least this time they even shocked their own staffs. When one infuriates staff, the leaks pop, and the more information gleaned by those leaks, the more people will demand that Congress itself undertakes a large investigation, never mind the FBI’s even larger criminal investigation.

And yet, going forward, we won’t say that they can no longer surprise us. They can. They can always get worse. Trump only has 4 days left in the White House. Let’s hope some good people in the West Wing are keeping him in line until then.

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