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Susan Collins Stunningly Reveals Her ‘First Thought Was That the Iranians’ Hit the Capitol, Not Trump Supporters

No one ever considered Susan Collins to be one of the intellectual powerhouses in the United States Senate. We say this without respect to party. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley are some of the smartest people a person will ever meet. We don’t say it overlooking the women in the Senate because no one ever fooled Diane Feinstein or Amy Klobuchar. No, this is limited to “concerned” Susan Collins who once went on record to say that she believed that Donald Trump had learned a lesson during impeachment while the Vindmin brothers were being ushered out of the White House by security.

She has also built up her own reputation – somehow – as being a moderate. It is very carefully crafted by others and her willingness to say that she’s concerned about a few things upon which she reliably turns and votes. She’s not a serious person.

This was on display in a recent interview in which she admits that when she realized trouble was afoot in the Capitol, her first thought was that brown people did something bad. According to Salon [1]:

My first thought was that the Iranians had followed through on their threat to strike the Capitol, but a police officer took over the podium and explained that violent demonstrators had breached the entire perimeter of the Capitol and were inside. Several of us pointed out that the doors to the press gallery were unlocked right above us. That tells you how overwhelmed and unprepared the Capitol Police were, although many, many of them were very courageous. [emphasis added]

It is not a crazy thought IF your beginning premise is that white people are good and they would never do such a thing. Apparently, Collins believes this firmly or her first thought might have been about the tens of thousands of people that Trump promised to rile up at his speech, telling them that they’d never win unless they get much tougher.

What an incredible statement that belies a hell of a lot of underlying racism. Oh, and stupidity.

Peace, y’all
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