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Trump Issues Tweet-Like Statement Calling for NO VIOLENCE — References Future Demonstrations

Trump so desperately wants to tweet.

It is not like we have inside knowledge and can report “sources say that Trump really wants to tweet today …” we just know because he spent so much time tweeting away on big days and you know that he wants to put his two cents in regarding the impeachment debates going on right now. But can’t.

He also wants to appear “responsible” and a person that only wants what is best. Yeah, it’s a little too late for that but just as he sorta called for “peace” from the people that he “loves,” he sorta issued a statement that was extremely short, almost perfect for a tweet, in what looks like a naked attempt to point at the statement and say to Twitter and say, “See! I can be trusted! I only say good things!”

There is no real message in the statement except a terrifying little clause that could be the basis for the entire statement. Perhaps Trump is making it up out of his head so he can release a statement, or he might actually be serious. Trump references possible future attacks and it is to be taken seriously, whether someone says it is out of an abundance of caution or not:

In light of reports of more demonstrations? It shouldn’t be pushed aside. The reports we have heard and upon which we’ve reported all concern Twitter and statehouses. There will be no demonstrations in Washington DC because the entire city is locked down like a castle, just like it should have been on January 6th.

Do notice how much the above looks like a tweet, too. It must be part of a plan to beg to get his Twitter account back.

It ain’t happening.

Peace, y’all
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