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Trump’s Decided Which West Wings Employees Will Keep Working for Him and Jared at Mar-a-Lago

When Donald Trump flies to Mar-a-Lago on the morning of Joe Biden’s inauguration next week, he’ll have lots of company because many members of his current White House staff are expected to work for him or his son-in-law Jared Kushner, Bloomberg reports.

Trump fully expects to live at the Palm Beach resort, even though his future neighbors are fighting this in the hopes of preventing him from becoming a permanent resident there.

The White House aides who may work for him include Nick Luna, who currently serves as the director of Oval Office Operations and is Trump’s “body man” (whatever in the gefoodlehoppers that means); Cassidy Hutchinson, an aide to Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadows; Molly Michael, a deputy assistant to the president; and Luna’s wife Cassidy Luna, also a deputy assistant to Trump, may work for Kushner.

Apparently, this is largely speculation right now, as those involved had asked not to be identified because Trump himself hasn’t made the names public and may change his mind.

Trump is hoping for a military send-off and the White House is considering holding a send-off event for Trump before his departure, a source familiar with the planning noted. This is still up in the air, however, as decisions about the format or the location of the event are yet to be worked out, the source added.

There had been speculation that Trump might leave the day before Biden’s inauguration but it now appears that he will depart Washington and head to Florida on the morning of Biden’s inauguration, say people familiar with the situation. Trump’s claims that the election was stolen from him spurred a deadly riot at the Capitol building.

But the bloodshed didn’t stop him from continuing these claims and Twitter finally suspended his account permanently amid fears that he may use the platform to incite more violence.

It’s not a constitutional requirement for a president to attend the inauguration of their successor but this is traditionally practiced as a symbol of the peaceful transfer of power, and while few people will miss Trump it can easily be said this transfer of power wasn’t peaceful.

I think it likely Trump may bring some former staffers with him for the sake of convenience. After all, he frequently seems to dislike putting any real effort into anything that’s the least bit difficult. Like you know, coming up with a decent healthcare plan for Americans or implementing effective methods for dealing with a pandemic.

But that’s just my way of thinking.

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