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Trump’s Leaving DC Early Because He Didn’t Want to Have to Ask Biden for Permission to Use Plane

When the history books look back to the Trump presidency in the futile attempt to list off all the crimes and inexplicably petty and immature acts, they could do worse than to simply look at what we anticipate will happen in Trump’s final day in office as symbolic of every other day since he put his hand on the Bible.

Trump’s plans for that last day are starting to solidify and hit the media. They are peak Trump. First off, as we reported earlier, he wants his supporters to organize a giant farewell MAGA-fest party, celebrating the man that conquered the world, won in a landslide, but is leaving because the world is NOT FAIR! He WON IN A LANDSLIDE!! Trump enjoyed his “rallies” more than any other aspect of the presidency, so why would he not have one last psuedo-rally on his way out of town? According to Yahoo News:

“Eager for a final taste of the pomp of being president, Trump has asked for a major send-off,” and “as one of their final acts, Trump’s team is working to organize a crowd to see him off on the morning of Biden’s inauguration, when he plans to depart Washington while still president” for a flight to Palm Beach, Florida, where his term will officially end at noon.

Even as he beats it out of town just ahead of an impeachment trial, he wants the pomp of the presidency. Whatever. Give it to him. So long as he does, in fact, get out of town.

But he also wants to enter an airplane known as Air Force One, so he’s leaving early. Biden won’t be sworn in until Trump is on the ground in Palm Beach. Trump also didn’t like the idea of having to ask Biden for anything because Trump doesn’t ask people for things! Trump grants people things! Get it!

Plans are still being ironed out, CNN says, but “Trump told people he did not like the idea of departing Washington for a final time as an ex-president, flying aboard an airplane no longer known as Air Force One. He also did not particularly like the thought of requesting the use of the plane from Biden.

I bet he doesn’t like the thought of Biden being president, either. We don’t like the thought of Trump having more money than us. But we deal with it because that’s reality. Trump has never been good at dealing with reality.

“Trump has expressed interest to some in a military-style sendoff and a crowd of supporters,” CNN says, but it’s unclear “whether that occurs at the White House, Joint Base Andrews, or his final destination, Palm Beach International Airport.”

Trump couldn’t be bothered to call out the military to prevent the Capitol from being overrun, so we aren’t sure why he should have use of the military for some send-off. People who attempt to overthrow the government shouldn’t be celebrated on their way out of town. They should be shunned. There is still time and no plans are written in stone.


Peace, y’all
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