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Trump’s Niece Mary Has a ‘Terrifying’ Warning for Anyone Who Thinks His Dangerous Behavior is Over

Even though Mary Trump is the niece of President Donald Trump, she is undoubtedly one of his harshest critics, and she knows him far better than just about anyone who’s ever associated with him. It’s because she knows him so well that she’s issued a stark warning. The riot, she noted was spurred by her uncle, and she’s worried that Wednesday’s uprising is just a “shot over the bow,” she told Business Insider.

Trump, a clinical psychologist and author of the tell-all book Too Much or Never Enough: How My Family Created The World’s Most Dangerous Man, knows a thing or two about how unstable this man is.

She hasn’t spoken to anyone from his immediate family since the book was published last year, but she described Trump as a narcissist who’s particularly desperate right now.

“Donald always thinks that it’s impossible for him to lose and that, no matter, what he will end up with the win, even if there are several hundred thousand asterisks after it,” she said. “He’s increasingly made desperate by the fact that literally, nothing seems to be working. There’s nobody to get him out of this.”

Trump said she also doesn’t know if her uncle has the mental capacity to understand that his time in the White House is ending. If he does realize this, he may really be dangerous.

“This goes against everything that he’s ever experienced in his life, on top of which, of course, is that the worst thing in the universe he could be is a loser,” she noted.

The word “heartbreaking” has become an all-too-familiar part of her daily vernacular since Donald Trump took office and she said it’s the word that most accurately describes her feelings about Wednesday’s riots in the District of Columbia.

“It’s all heartbreaking, that’s just it, to see these enemies of democracy — these people who would like to see the end of America to keep a traitor like Donald in office illegally — casually walking our Capitol building and degrade everything it symbolizes,” Trump said.

She also voiced disgust with Republicans who still stood with Trump in opposing the election.

“It’s the most egregious and appalling display of contempt for our Constitution that I’ve ever seen by people who were elected and swore to defend and protect that Constitution,” she noted.

The sad fact is, the uprising at the Capitol was made possible because America is a “horribly racist country” that excuses domestic terrorism if the perpetrators are white.

Trump also said she doesn’t have any insider information regarding what her uncle or his children will be doing after President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration. But there’s one thing she does know: the man is incapable of accepting that he lost.

She also knows he’s going to be busy.

“Of course, what happens when he no longer has the power and the protection of the oval office? He’s in serious, serious trouble when January 20 rolls around.”

“He’s going to be very busy dealing with indictments. He’s got at least three lawsuits that I know of, one of which is mine, that will require him being deposed,” she said. “And he also has the probability, I think, of having his enormous debt called in by banks that now don’t have any reason not to call in his debt.”

Many people have said they believe Trump will try to pardon himself, and Mary Trump thinks this is the case too and she noted he needs to be impeached and removed from office before the situation gets to that point because he will become increasingly unstable.

“If that doesn’t happen, that is an abject failure of our system and it doesn’t bode well for our very fragile, wounded democracy,” she said.

“If you’re paying attention right now, you should be both enraged and terrified,” she said. “It is exhausting but necessary because when people aren’t paying attention, things like yesterday (Wednesday’s siege) are allowed to happen.”

“We can’t put anything past Donald,” Mary Trump added. “He’s desperate. He’s terrified, he has absolutely no empathy, and he’s a nihilist.”

“I’m not entirely sure that it’s possible for him to recognize that he’s going down, because his narcissism runs so deep, but if he does get to that point, he will bring us all down with him.”

Time to let the impeachment proceedings begin before we find out if Mary Trump is right.

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