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Trump’s Team Organizing a Big Send Off for Trump Morning of the 20th, Because He’s Expecting It

It will be like a rally!


We are likely going to pass 400,000 dead from COVID on or about January 20th and the distribution of vaccines has been an unmitigated disaster. It looks more and more like the federal government should have brought in help for distribution. They could still use the week they have to try to smooth out kinks in the distribution system. Why not partner with Amazon and FedEx to utilize their distribution software and logistics, with bonuses for beating deadlines? Where is Jared? Isn’t this supposed to be his thing?

But no. Trump checked out of the presidency a couple of months ago and no one has been around to oversee the distribution. They are not about to start new projects now, no matter how big the need.

Oh, wait, they are going to undertake one major project, one that couldn’t be more important. The Trump administration and the MAGA fans in Washington are organizing a massive send-off for Trump on the morning of January 20th. I am sure it is because the Secret Service and other federal organizations don’t have much going on that day, why not invite some friends to say goodbye and make the old boy feel better about the landslide victory that was stolen from him?

Yeah, COVID, Scmovid. Let’s plan a party. After all, perhaps Trump might have his feelings hurt if he weren’t sent off like a hero. Didn’t he make America great again? Look around, doesn’t it look great to you?

If you were president just a couple of weeks removed from inciting a riot on the Capitol that resulted in several deaths and one of the most terrifying incidents in the history of democracy, wouldn’t you just want to quietly go away, wishing your successor the best? Of course, you would! And that is precisely why Trump believes that his send-off is as big a party as he and his staff can organize.

They will probably form a committee to raise money and sell tickets. It will be harder to get millions donated this time, given all Trump can do for people is send memberships to Mar-a-Lago. No presidential orders this time around.

As long as he leaves at the end, as long as he leaves at the end, it’ll be fine. Throw him as big a party as he wants. Indeed, maybe we’d go to a party, so long as he leaves at the end.


Peace, y’all
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