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Brand New Photo of Trump With Bandaids and a Strange Neck Have People Asking Questions, ‘Plastic Surgery?’

It is probably a little bit silly to take any single picture and read all that much into it, but given that no one has seen Trump recently, it might be possible that he’s gone through changes that we would never know about. One would like to think that getting him out of the White House and the stress there, and replacing it with stress down in sunny Florida, where he might eat better and “exercise” by golfing more, the old boy might look a little better.

Well, maybe.

It is not unusual nowadays for anyone of means to have some work done to keep them looking younger and fitter. Anyone who looks at President Joe Biden now versus when he left the Obama administration can tell that he surely had work done around his cheeks and eyes. Not a big deal.

But if one is going to have work done, it’s probably a good idea to have it be good work. And as with all things “Trump,” too much is never enough. He might have gone too far. We all heard rumors that Trump hated his fat neck and double chin. It appears to be mostly gone, either that or the camera angle and picture is weird. In the picture below, he is also smiling and that will make him look very odd in any picture because he doesn’t smile, ever. Thus a smile would produce something wholly unnatural, too.

We cannot see his eyes and he also seems to have some bruising up around his eyes, which would also comport with some surgery in that area, though we’re not physicians and that is the farthest we’ll go with it.

Last, some golfers wear band-aids on the fingers of the off-glove hand, we suspect that is why he has a band-aide on his right-hand finger, but that doesn’t explain the band-aids on the arms. Curious picture.

He has either had a lot of work done or he is trying to make up for short fingers by having the world’s largest chin. We cannot tell. But the net sure had a good time with it.

Yes, so we’re not sure what’s going on there, but no one has any better ideas than we do. We will see him today at CPAC and figure out what’s going on.

Peace, y’all
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