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Don Jr. Freaks Out Over Biden’s Transgender HHS Deputy’s Advocacy for Kids: ‘You Knew It Was Coming!’

You knew it was coming.

Don Junior says that he and the MAGAs knew it was coming. The views were going to clash. Sensitive treatment of the subject, listening to one another, respect? No, that was never an option to the MAGAs. They simply hate.

Issues would come up within President Biden’s policies and officials concerning transgender rights, and the MAGAs (led by Junior) would go into a frenzy. The easiest target would be Dr. Rachel Levine, a transgender woman, doctor, and advocate for transgender rights, including those of kids. We knew it was coming because anyone who said anything but “God made two genders!” was going to get massive criticism. It is just that much worse for the transgender community that the hate is directed at a proud transgender physician, a leader in the field.

Now, this is going to get a little difficult because the science concerning the transgender treatment in kids is probably only two to three decades old and we are unfamiliar with the consensus on best practices among physicians that do advocate treatment. It is possible that Dr. Levine is a more aggressive advocate for younger children than most doctors (good faith doctors), she may not be, the point is, we don’t know. We know that she is simply trying to help children going through a very difficult situation and we know that anything she does is going to get a wave of criticism.

And Junior went right at it.

Junior’s characterization is hateful and aggressive because Junior is hateful and aggressive. Treatment of transgender children is in its infancy. We simply do not trust The National Pulse to characterize Dr. Levine’s position on children so we are not going to set out any of the article. It does sound like she advocates treatment of some children prior to or entering puberty. Any treatment would have to depend wholly on the child, how the child presents, and the best practices, as determined by physicians-scientists. Period. Perhaps Levine argues a stronger position than most, perhaps not. We don’t know and damned sure Junior doesn’t know anything other than he and the MAGAs hate any issues concerning transgender people.

But the article above is interesting in the way it first criticizes Levine’s actions concerning COVID treatment and Pennsylvania’s policies used in nursing homes. The criticism shows just how aggressive the right planned to be against any transgender person appointed to the administration. We just passed one-half million dead to COVID and the disease cannot be separated from Trump’s original policies. Trump’s actions put this country on a tragic and horrific course, an enduring shame that we will never wash off. It takes herculean hypocrisy for any Trump to criticize another person with respect to COVID, and we suspect Dr. Levine is a special target. Transgender people always are.

Junior specializes in having his finger on the pulse of MAGA culture and this issue represents one of their biggest targets. He is one of the most hateful people in Trump’s inner orbit, and the MAGAs love him for it. It sounds like dad Trump aims to run again in 2024, get ready to hear a lot more arising out of Junior’s hate. Our articles do not give Junior a platform. No, they are to keep a close eye on Junior and the way he lashes out (like above) about a group the MAGAs are programmed to hate.

These people are dangerous and the transgender among us already face a higher rate of violence and a high suicide rate. We must advocate for our brothers and sisters whenever we can. This is one attempt.


Peace, y’all
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