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Arkansas GOP is Not Very Excited About Sarah Huckabee Sanders Running for Governor

Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced her bid to be governor of Arkansas just about as soon as she possibly could without being called out as even more power-hungry and crazy than people thought.

The woman who professionally glared at the reporters before it became fashionable to really give them a good talking to, probably figured that her MAGA credentials made her a MAGAmatic. But there just isn’t much excitement in Arkansas for the woman whose father still probably believes that a Huckabee is at least owed a shot at a term as governor. Admittedly, it is really early for anyone to be excited about anything having to do with an election, and Sarah probably should wait to see how many indictments may be issued to her fellow White House defendants, but we suspect that our friends at The Hill Reporter factored that into their analysis of an article published in the conservative Bulwark.

“We all know by now that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is running for governor based on her experience as the most deft liar among the cadre of Trump press secretaries. But this development wasn’t met with immediate excitement among the Republican establishment in the Natural State.”

If they could point out what it was that someone believed might make Sarah exciting, we’d at least listen before we laugh. We cannot recall her smiling at all. Of course, smiling wasn’t really allowed in the White House. Maybe she’ll learn but we worry that she’s a natural at not smiling.

“So there’s no civil war in Arkansas, either. The party regulars are almost entirely on one side of the battle. And your ability to rise through the ranks is determined entirely by your relational proximity to the former president.”

They quote a line from current governor Asa Hutchinson who was willing to criticize Trump, which is easier to do from Little Rock than Ted Cruz’s chair in the Senate.

I want this administration to end. That was chaotic, he misled his supporters, it hurt us, and sure, he can make that judgment. But he’s not going to. So we’ve got to figure out how to move forward.”

Sounds like a guy in the McConnell wing.

Well, we will see. There are a lot of people who think that a relationship with Trump is a bad thing in a lot of states but it’s hard to believe that Arkansas would be one. Still, politics is far more local and it is Sarah, so again – the “excitement” thing. Perhaps she is immune to excitement. One generally has to be able to smile and show excitement in order to get it. Trump is the exception that proves the rule. Trump made people smile on the inside by speaking in code. Sarah seems to lack even that ability.

We are at a loss as to what ability Sarah might have but will keep people updated.


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