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Former Trump Aide Miles Taylor Promises Formation of GOP Group to Leave Trump ‘Shaking in His Boots’

Miles Taylor is a young Republican through and through. The former Chief of Staff to the DHS Secretary is the man that Jared Kushner once condescendingly called “a nice kid” while implying that Taylor was in over his head, rich, coming from Kush.

It turns out that Taylor was “Anonymous,” the person who wrote the articles in the New York Times, and the book under the same name. He promised that there were adults watching over Trump, stealing things off his desk so that the documents couldn’t be signed. Taylor also mentioned having to force Trump to send aid to California, which Trump didn’t want to do because California didn’t support him. (As if this was Trump’s personal money to bestow upon those with whom he found favor.)

So far, young as he may be, Taylor has proved to be a formidable pain in Trump’s side. Now he is promising to take it a step further. Taylor is promising to make Trump quake in his boots. We doubt that Taylor has many more personal stories to tell. But now that Trump is out of office, we do not doubt that Taylor knows people who are unafraid to tell their own stories about Trump’s rule.

Perhaps illegalities?

According to Rawstory:

“I want to give you a number: 50 percent,” Taylor began. “Donald Trump can’t get to 50 percent. We just saw this in the most recent election, he cannot win elections. We’ve got to be able to, in the Republican Party, have someone who is a standard-bearer that can get us over 50 percent to win elections. He can’t, he lost in spectacular fashion in this election and that’s why I think it’s entirely inappropriate for us to continue to put him forward as the leader of this party. It is a mistake that’s going the cause the GOP to lose elections in the future and it’s time to move on from Donald Trump.”

“There are a lot of people in the party ready to move beyond Donald Trump. In fact, most of us realize he is much better at golfing than governing which is really saying a lot if you know anything about Donald Trump’s golf game,” before adding, “Donald Trump lost, not because more Democrats came out. Donald Trump lost because his own voters defected from him.”

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“I’m happy to share with you today a little bit of a tease,” he added. ” I can’t give you all the information, but we’re about to make an announcement in the very near future that’s going to make Donald Trump have the worst heartburn he’s had in the post-presidency. We’re going to be channeling this movement to challenge him to create an insurgency within and without the GOP to drive forward towards a better center-right political movement than Donald Trump can put together. It’s something he’s going to have to contend with.

He is not going to do it by simply forming a center-right party. Mitch McConnell is attempting that… sort of. But again, Miles knows people from within the Trump administration that might well be able to jump-start some scandals that will keep Trump quite occupied, perhaps quaking in his boots. The more people come out from the right against Trump the better. The more it splinters the right, making things easier for Democrats, and the more likely it that the MAGAs will never again have the White House.

Nice job, Miles.

Peace, y’all
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