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Fox Anchor ‘Annoyed’ That Obese People are Allowed to Get Vaccinated Early

A news anchor for a Washington, D.C. Fox affiliate has been suspended after posting a tweet where he said he is “annoyed” that obese people are being prioritized in receiving the coronavirus vaccine.

Blake McCoy has since apologized and the tweet has since been deleted but I’m going to repeat it here in all its repugnant glory.

“I’m annoyed obese people of all ages get priority vaccine access before all essential workers.”

“When most stayed home, we went into work everyday last March, April, May and everyday since putting ourselves and loved ones at risk.

“Vaccinate all essential workers.”

“Then obese.”

According to the current plan for D.C.’s rollout of the vaccine, people with a higher risk of complications from the disease are included in Phase 1c Tier 1. Under this schedule, such essential workers as healthcare and teachers will receive the vaccine ahead of those with health complications. They are, however, placed ahead of “essential employees working in media and mass communication.”

And folks on Twitter aren’t cutting McCoy any slack, apology or not, ComicSands reports.

McCoy is being roundly criticized for his insensitive, fat-shaming tweet, and let me tell you, it’s well-deserved. Many chronically ill people gain weight over time because illness limits their ability to exercise properly. It can cause changes in a person’s metabolism that can contribute to weight gain and sometimes the medications used to treat these illnesses causes weight gain. He’s also being mocked for stupidly implying that a TV anchor is an essential worker above high-risk health categories.

One would think that since McCoy is a gay man, and therefore part of a group that’s still heavily discriminated against it would mean he’s empathetic but sadly it doesn’t sound like that’s the case.

But here’s another fact that people didn’t fail to mention: McCoy has had a history of doing unsafe things that have increased the risk to himself and others as the pandemic drags on. This includes a trip to Hawaii.

Which of course, led people on Twitter to conclude McCoy is a hypocrite.

As I mentioned earlier, McCoy has apologized, but for some Twitter users, the apology rang rather hollow.

And it rang hollow for good reason:

While the station has suspended McCoy, it is unclear what, if any, additional actions will be taken.

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