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‘Fox and Friends’ Asks a Sitting U.S. Senator About His Thoughts on … the Muppet Show Scandal

President Joe Biden is boring.

It is going to be very difficult to go “scandal” with Joe Biden, though we’re sure that the MAGA-right will get there eventually. They just have to wait until something goes wrong and they’ll be screaming at Biden about something, ignoring the half-million dead from COVID.

Until they can figure out what the scandal might be, we are going to face a lot of this below. The culture wars have been back for some time. The alternative for the Right was allowing the country to focus on Donald Trump and his insanity. It is not hard to acknowledge that certain segments of society, especially academia, can get to be a bit ridiculous, at times, in trying to do the right thing and missing on the side of doing the right thing. It is easy to find examples.

But it is also certain that this country had and has a long way to go before we become a nation more dedicated to pluralism. To the extent we find organizations moving too far, good. Mistakes can be easily corrected. We don’t know whether the example below with The Muppets is too far or not and frankly we don’t care. We do know that the danger in not addressing stereotypes is far worse than not doing the work needed. This is especially true when one is watching older shows or movies from a different time, back when society was far more tolerant of harmful stereotypes.

Having said all that, bringing up the Muppets with a U.S. Senator, for even a minute, after the weekend that we passed one-half million dead, is offensive, even if it was addressed earlier in the segment (we don’t know). We would be far happier had Sen. Cotton spent the time below screaming about the administration not doing enough to get the immunizations out. It would probably be hypocritical, but it wouldn’t be offensive. Instead, we get this whining about, again, a “warning” on the Muppets?

Is this really the best they have at this point? Even if they must go “culture war(!)” can’t they find a better example than this? It is nothing more than a warning about stereotypes! It is a good thing nothing serious is going on.

We reached a half-million this last week.

Peace, y’all
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