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Hillary Clinton BLASTS Ted Cruz (and Trump!) and Offers Some Very Simple Advice

Unlike many of us, ahem, the real pros like Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama have mastered the art of rarely tweeting to maximize the impact. Generally, a tweet from Barack Obama and Clinton – along with many other pros, announces something important, a fundraiser for a charity, acknowledgement of big things like Black History Month, stuff like that. On those rare occasions when they do comment on society or politics, like when Trump does something stupid, Obama would write “Vote!” and that’s it.

Today, Hillary nailed both Cruz and Trump with just ten beautifully crafted words.

One of the outrages over the weekend, just one, was the Cruz family, leaving “Snowflake” their dog home for five days with… we don’t know the arrangement, if any. We only know that Snowflake was photographed looking forlornly out the door. “Snowflake,” perfect word for a perfectly horrific weekend for Cruz.

Everyone knows that Trump hates dogs. Dogs just give, so selfless. Dogs give back whatever love you give them. Dogs know what you’re thinking better than your spouse of 20 years. If you don’t love your dog (and you better), they will know in 30 seconds and get very sad. Trump couldn’t possibly love an animal, even a dog. A dog cannot give him money. It is taken as a given that Trump wouldn’t pay attention to a dog for 30 seconds. Oh, and he hates dogs. That says a lot.

So, with that, THIS:

Some of us need to be a lot more like Hillary. We only hope that she understands that a brilliant politician and leader can look better with the elegant ten-word punch than a writer… paid to write more than ten wonderful words?

So, to Hillary: Madame Secretary, you can be a bit difficult at times, but damn we will march behind you through a wall, respect you like few others, and love you like… we love wonderful, loyal dogs. NICE job. Thank you.

Peace, y’all
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