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Kayleigh ‘Good Christian Woman’ McEnany Wants Everyone to Watch Hour-Long Tribute to Rush Limbaugh

Who knew? Rush was Kayleigh’s hero.

It will surprise no one until one remembers that Kayleigh McEnany is a Harvard Law graduate. Kayleigh is supposed to be on the side of the people that know that Rush was a lying, manipulating, racist, he was a man committed to manipulating the American right to hate anyone and anything to the left of them, all to his own benefit of hundreds of millions of dollars. Kayleigh McEnany is supposed to be one of the beneficiaries. She is supposed to be in the room when they pop a beer or $200 bottle of wine and toast Rush.

But that is where it starts getting into a bit of a gray area. Kayleigh is awfully young and has been surrounded by people who have surely listened to Rush since Kayleigh could read. We may presume that the Right’s most powerful people are in on the joke, but we’ve never had to deal with this generation. Perhaps this generation doesn’t know the joke?

Kayleigh is one of the many that applauded Florida lowering its flag to half mast. Many on the Right, which probably includes Kayleigh, called on President Biden to lower flags all over the country. These would include flags that flew over people of color, women, and every other category of folks that Rush urged the Right on to hate. Because all Rush did was urge people to hate, it shows a real sense of entitlement to beg the entire country to honor Rush.

Now she wants everyone to enthusiastically watch a Mark Levine hour long show dedicated to Rush Limbaugh. Levine surely appreciates the fact that Rush made him significantly richer.

We noticed that Kayleigh still has a picture of herself at the podium in the White House briefing room. It must be hard to suspect one’s career might have peaked in her early 30s.

That is part of the point, too. Kayleigh must continue to do things that keep her relevant. She knows that many of the MAGAs don’t know of the joke, either. So watch NOW!

She may figure it out eventually. Maybe.


Peace, y’all
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