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MAGA McCain Wants Fauci FIRED and Replaced with ‘Someone Who Understands Science’

For over a year we have said that Meghan McCain is full MAGA with the easily managed asterisk that she doesn’t like Trump. It is getting more obvious to us that the assertion, “Meghan McCain doesn’t like Trump …personally,” is a far more accurate description of McCain’s MAGA bona-fides. She certainly will say “I like some of Trump’s policies,” except such a position is meaningless because Trump’s only policy is “Me.”

It is certainly obvious that Meghan is increasingly “Trump curious.” Perhaps she’s been seduced by his charm and openness to change and soften up? That is a joke and so is Meghan.

Today, Meghan said that Fauci needs to be replaced with “someone who knows science.” (MUCH more below)

She is not necessarily getting “dumber.” She may well be more committed to something she doesn’t understand. The assertion that “I like some of Trump’s policies, and I think that the Right-wing voters should be treated with more respect,” is simply a declaration that Meghan is a full MAGA-lite. She can keep simmering under the skin, but she seems to want to downplay the obvious “misunderstandings”.

It is worth considering that Meghan sees the money to be made on the far-right and is looking at her options. Additionally, she damn sure does believe in a lot of the MAGA positions that Trump adopts just to feed the masses. Add the two together and one figures it won’t be long before Meghan is sitting as an analyst on Sean Hannity’s show, downplaying her beliefs about Trump and speaking about the threat from the left. She can go off on the invented “cancel culture” all she wants.

Yep, Meghan can work full-time owning the libs and she’ll never have to talk about the fact that Trump raged and hated her father. Dad’s relationship with Trump becomes no more than an “inconvenient truth.” But the cash grab could be a provable fact.

Something is going on, but people are definitely sick of her:

Anger at the libs, a desire to be famous, a willingness to look the other way about certain “things” about her background, her husband (MAGA) might play a role, and money, money, money. It is awfully easy for women on the right.

She might also bring FOX a little big more validity on Trump stuff. We always called her a hidden MAGA. She’s not trying to hide it much anymore.

Peace, y’all
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