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Marjorie Taylor-Greene Hangs Anti-Trans Sign by the Office of Congresswoman With Trans Kid

Marjorie Taylor-Greene has done more than enough to prove that she represents that segment of America that values white-hetero-Christian-ammo-people above anyone else, literally “above,” meaning Marjorie’s people should be in control. Anyone who might disagree doesn’t understand the natural order of things, the way God intended.

For whatever reason, the GOP generally, and the MAGAs particularly, are always concerned with other people’s personal choices with regard to sex and gender. They must reject anything they believe God didn’t intend.

Many of us don’t fully understand the many complicated ways that a person’s individual sexual orientation or gender may manifest itself. What we do know is that we don’t fear what we don’t know and have learned that, above all else, as long as a person is healthy, well-developed and not hurting anyone, our interest stops there, except as needed to support that person’s rights. People like MGT fear anything they don’t understand and often root justifications to hate in religion.

“God told me to reject these people.” An interesting position, given that we don’t recall Jesus explaining who should be rejected and why.

Given that many of us are tired of people rejecting what they don’t know, Rep. Marie Newman put a transgender unity flag outside her office in a show of support for our transgender family. The House has taken up the equality act and it’s put transgender rights in the forefront. Following her “faith,” MGT responded – because the flag demanded a response, apparently – by placing a sign outside her office, one that laughably demonstrated the underlying problem. Hating that which one doesn’t understand:

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Yes, it is cruel. But cruelty is one of the underlying tenets to the MAGA movement. As many said at the time, “the cruelty is the point.” Ask Stephen Miller.

Moreover, we love MGT’s sudden interest in “science.” The science regarding gender and sexuality is in its infancy. Science doesn’t understand the science of it all. What we take as a given is that the different manifestations of gender are natural and need not threaten anyone. The sign, however, is very much a threat. It is intended to be a threat. It is meant to reach out and yank the legitimacy and humanity of anyone who is transgender. Marj and her sign are there to tell all. One is either male or female, or a reject. Look at the history, not the science.

We are tired of seeing people rejected because gender and human behavior are a little too complicated for Marjorie (or us) to fully understand. She fears what she doesn’t understand and fights for her right to be in fear and lash out. Thankfully, there are far fewer Marjorie Taylor-Greenes in the world than there were three decades ago. We learn, we respect, we love, and more than anything, we do not fear.


Peace, y’all
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