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Mary Trump Wants to Help Send Her Uncle to Jail for Felony Tax Fraud: ‘I’m All For It’

No one should ever forget that if Donald Trump is taken down, whether criminally or just by exposing him as a fraud, it will be largely women who have led the way. Nothing could be more fitting.

One of the bravest women of all is Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump. Mary stared down the person in charge of all federal law-enforcement (at least in name) and someone who is often rumored to enforce his will by other means. Moreover, it is increasingly evident that Trump leads an army of militants, insurrectionists, and others ready to do whatever it is that Trump asks. Indeed, at times it seems that Trump doesn’t even have to actually ask. She would be targeted.

So we should acknowledge her bravery and listen to her ideas as to exposing Trump. She joined Rick Wilson and Molly Jong-Fast on The New Abnormal podcast [1] and made an important point regarding “patterns.” Mary turned over copies of older family taxes. The Manhattan D.A. obtained Trump’s newer taxes, and one can look for patterns of fraud. In white-collar crime, a pattern of fraud is critical in establishing motive. Anyone can make one mistake and claim it is a mistake. It might well be. But there are very few mistakes that become patterns. Patterns evidence the intent.

“The taxes I gave them are old and from my grandfather’s company. So I think [the newly released ones ] will be really helpful in establishing patterns where such patterns actually exist.

“If he goes down because of his taxes, Al Capone-style, I’m all for it. And,┬áif it’s bad enough, which it’s going to be, I think his ability to stay out of jail decreases significantly.”

“If it is bad enough.”

We are not talking about tens of thousands of dollars. Mary Trump anticipates millions. When one “saves” millions in taxes, it is no different than robbing a bank for millions of dollars. And people that steal millions of dollars, no matter how they do it, generally end up in prison. Mary knows this.

Mary, Stormy, Nancy, Stephanie Winston-Wolkoff, the list goes on.


Peace, y’all
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