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Michael Cohen Predicts Trump Tax Investigation Will End With Jail Time: Trump Needs a ‘Custom-Made Jumpsuit’

Michael Cohen was there.

If one talks to a regular MAGA, they are under the impression that Donald Trump was the owner-CEO of this massive global company, one that owned property on four continents and had tens of thousands of employees. Trump was a self-made businessman (small million dollar loan from dad, as the story goes), his every move a success.

Except, no. Not even close.

Trump has always had a small, tight circle of loyalists to run the Trump Organization from Manhattan, no more than two stories in Trump Tower. Reports indicate that Trump averaged about twenty-five employees in the main company, the one known as the “Trump Organization.” The Organization itself owned some property, the building in Manhattan, a 30% share in a building in San Francisco, being its most profitable, a resort in Scotland being the least. But the vast majority of what people thought were “Trump properties” were only “branded” as such. Someone else owned the building. They believed that the Trump brand was valuable, it represented luxury.

It was all complicated and Trump was such a micromanager that the few reports that someone reads would not surprise anyone. It was chaotic, subject to Trump’s rages, largely run by the family, and a mess. Think about what the White House looked like by the end and one gets a pretty good idea.

Michael Cohen was there. When Trump had to pay off a p*rn star, it was Cohen who borrowed money off his mortgage.

In that tight little circle, the only ones in on the real con, Cohen was there. 

One can choose to be wary of Michael Cohen and believe he will be a snake for life, nor should he ever be forgiven. We aren’t sure. At his Senate hearing, the guy sounded like someone who’d been hit upside the head and can see for the first time in his life. And it does kind of make sense that life under Trump would drive one insane, one could believe in Trump as a godlike figure who had a sixth sense, so much so that one would want to push the mission. But once out in the sunshine, the fog lifts and it leaves a person standing there with clarity and it all looks different. It looks insane.

We don’t know. No one knows. But Michael Cohen was there and likely knows the books were cooked and how they were cooked and god only knows what the hell else. He likely knows exactly what was cooked and how. He would be a guy who would know just how bad it might be if laid out on a table in front of a grand jury, or just a jury.

He thinks it’s pretty straightforward. Trump best get a jumpsuit fitted.

“One thing I can turn around and tell you, he should start maybe speaking to someone about getting a custom-made jumpsuit, because it does not look good for him,”

Well, no one ever accused Cohen of being subtle. Ever. Then again, he was there. Maybe there’s nothing subtle about anything.

Peace, y’all
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