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Right-Wing Pastor Says Trump Lost the Election Because He Didn’t Praise God Enough

Frank Amedia is one amongst far too many self-proclaimed “prophets” who predicted Donald Trump would win a second term as president. That, of course, failed to happen, but Amedia isn’t embarrassed at all about being hugely wrong — Biden won the popular vote by a wide margin and won 306 Electoral College votes over Trump’s 232 — no, he’s still pandering to his followers by saying that the reason Trump lost is that he’s too arrogant and didn’t thank God for his accomplishments.

Amedia is known for making outlandish proclamations — anyone with a quarter of a brain in their head knows this. He’s claimed he stopped a major Tsunami and served as a volunteer Christian policy liaison for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, Right Wing Watch reports. When Trump was elected, he launched his POTUS Shield effort, which was intended to “help Trump bring about the reign of God in America and the world.”

But rather than admit his prediction that Trump would win was off by a wide mile, he’s blaming Trump himself for his loss. I’ll give Amedia half a point here. Trump is extremely arrogant. If you’ve ever listened critically to what the man says, he clearly believed he was owed the presidency.

For Amedia however, Trump didn’t credit God for his accomplishments, and that’s why he lost.

“How can we expect God to bless and anoint arrogance and pride that invokes the name of the Lord — and there’s the key — that invokes the name of the Lord and that uses the people of God as a political asset?” Amedia said. “The man had assignments all along, I said, because the Lord told me it’s about his assignments: pro-life, the Supreme Court, the space force, moving the embassy to Israel, supporting Israel, not forcing Israel into a two-state nation.”

According to Amedia, Trump check-marked the boxes on this list but didn’t sing God’s praises.

“He fulfilled those assignments,” he said. “A lot of things that God had given him to do he fulfilled as a checklist. But here’s the key: Who got the glory? And who was he taking the glory to? Was he thanking God for it publicly? Was he pointing to God for it? What we saw over and over, to the point that it was nostalgic to even those of us who wanted it to happen, we all got tired of his tweets. We got tired of him talking about himself. We got tired of him promoting himself. Well, guess who else? Guess who else got weary with it? God Almighty. He’s sovereign, and His word tells us very clearly, ‘I give my glory to no one else.’ Pride goes before the fall.”

So Amedia thinks Trump lost because he angered an imaginary sky ghost, but the real reason he lost is that everyday people grew tired of suffering because of this man’s callousness towards a devastating pandemic. People grew tired of his lies, his encouragement of fascists and flat-out violent people. That’s mostly all there is to it. I’m sure there is also a laundry list of other reasons, but it would be nice if Amedia and other so-called “prophets” would quit promoting their nonsense to gullible people.

I’ve included an audio clip below.

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