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Right-Wing ‘Prophet’ Says Not to Worry, Trump Will Be Back in Office by June

Following in the footsteps of “prophet” Johnny Enlow, who predicted Sunday’s Superbowl win by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would somehow lead to a second Trump presidency, we now have another “prophet” predicting Trump will be back in office by June.

Indeed, that’s what Jeff Jansen, leader of Global Fire Ministries International in Murfreesboro Tennessee said on the Elijah Streams YouTube program Thursday, Right Wing Watch reports. Jansen claimed that despite appearances, Joe Biden is “not our president” and predicted Trump will reclaim the presidency.

Jansen was part of a crop of “prophets” who were absolutely certain that Trump would win the 2020 election, and it’s always lovely when these people are wrong, as they always are. These people are unfailing wrong yet that doesn’t stop them from making predictions.

So why should Jansen be any different? He seems quite convinced he’s going to be right.

“He’s not our president,” Jansen announced, regarding Biden. “He is not, nor will he ever be. Everybody knows there was a red tidal wave, there was a Red Sea moment, which is a red tidal wave. And quite frankly, America voted in Donald J. Trump.”

People like Jansen really kind of confound me. I’ve known folks who were on a similar wavelength; people who probably think Marjorie Taylor Greene is an intellectual, or something (with emphasis on the “or something.) Sometimes folks like this seem rational, other times they make sensational and absolutely absurd claims, as did the Nashville bomber, who definitely had some dangerously loony ideas.

I don’t know if Jansen shares some of these ideas, but he’s every bit as absurd, let me tell you.

“President Trump is president,” he said on the program. “We will be rejoicing in the streets by March, April, May, June. There’s going to be an amazing turnaround. You just watch what happens. And the world will rejoice. Not just America, the world will rejoice because of this exposure. I’m telling you that’s going to take place. I’m going down with the ship on this (yes, you sure are dude). The Lord showed me this.”

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So yeah, we’ll watch what happens. As President Biden continues working all the way into June to undo all the damage caused by his predecessor.

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