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Right-Wing QAnon ‘Prophet’ Says the Military Will Remove Biden From Office to ‘Prevent Insurrection’

Last week, self-proclaimed “prophet” Dave Hayes prophesied that the military would remove President Joe Biden from office. He failed to mention why this would happen, but then facts aren’t this QAnon-supporting Christian author’s strong suit.

On Friday he posted a follow-up video with more details about his prediction, saying that the military will forcibly remove Biden from office in order to prevent a full-blown insurrection by right-wing militias that refuse to believe Biden won the election fairly and squarely, Right Wing Watch reports.

I don’t know how people like Hayes, Jeff Jansen, and Johnny Enlow come up with such cockamamie ideas. All I can figure is that they have a lot of spare time on their hands or that weed they may be smoking is high quality.

At any rate, Hayes, who also calls himself the “Praying Medic,” insisted the military is going to step in and that the Biden administration is actually the third Obama administration.

“I think that the Defense Department and Homeland Security and FBI, I think they know that there are militias around the country who are talking about overthrowing the government,” he said. “There are people who are not going to get past this election. They are not going to accept it, and they’re not going to get past it. And I believe the intelligence agencies know these people are out there talking about overthrowing the government. So if you’re the military, you can either allow that to happen and then wage some kind of a war against them, or you can preempt that and prevent it from happening. And I think the military is going to prevent it from happening. They’re going to prevent insurrection, essentially.”

This is the point where Hayes went all Obama on us and claimed the military is aware “the Biden administration is a charade,” and that “Barack Obama is behind Biden pulling on the strings.” Then he insisted that if action isn’t taken, the military will be abolished because the U.S. will be under the control of the “globalists.”

“This is the third Obama administration that we’re currently living under, and I don’t think the military is going to allow that to happen,” Hayes said. “If Obama and Biden are allowed to run their plan, the military isn’t going to be around in eight years. They’ll be gone and we’ll be in one large globalist community with no borders. That’s the game plan. The military knows it. They’re not gonna let it happen. They’re the only thing that stands between us and one big happy globalist community where we’re under the power of George Soros and the Rothschilds. So military is not gonna let it happen. The revolutionary spirit is alive and well in America.”

Soros is a popular target among QAnoniacs (QAnon+maniacs) because the conspiracy theory thrives on anti-Semitism, and Soros, born in Hungary, is a Jewish billionaire philanthropist whose organization, the Open Society Foundation supports democratic and freedom-related initiatives in more than 100 countries, Forbes reports. There are enough thoroughly debunked conspiracy theories regarding Soros to fill an entire Encyclopedia Britannica, I think, but these theories really took flight during the 2020 election.

Hayes does get one thing correct — there is no shortage of extremist anti-government groups in the U.S. according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Fortunately, and a bit surprisingly, their numbers have dropped slightly between 2019 and 2020, from 576 to 566. There are also fewer active militias, having dropped to 169 from 181 in 2019.

Nevertheless, 2020 — 2021 has been a busy period for extremist militias like the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, the Boogaloo Boys, and the QAnoniacs. If anything, the Jan. 6th insurrection at the Capitol building shows just how dangerous these militias are. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are keeping tabs on this highly combustible situation.

People like Hayes thrive on the gullibility of those so easily conned into believing the election was “stolen.’  Twitter has banned this so-called “Praying Medic.” Maybe it’s time for other platforms to follow suit. Yes people should be allowed their freedom of speech, but this situation becomes dangerous when people decide to take action based on his dangerous words.

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