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Rough-Looking Don Jr. Goes Nuts in Angry Rant About …Teachers’ Unions?

We tend to stick to the left-hand side of the electron-net and so we’re always a bit confused when we see and hear Don Jr. screaming about Big Tech’s “censorship” of the right, never mind their pro-COVID stance.

Junior is even more breathless than ever about the “algorithms” that impose censorship on the right. Good idea or bad, Twitter lets him stand there and yell that it’s all so unfair. so someone writing the algorithms will surely be fired. The funny thing about it is that if Junior ever threatened someone we don’t remember it. He did get nailed a few times and 24-hour bans for blatant lies. But other than those 24-hour slaps on the wrist, Junior seems to have sort of a sixth sense on it all, which is more than can be said about dad.

Junior does all kinds of complaining from the right, Twitter keeps letting him do it, and Junior doesn’t seem to sense that something is weird about all that. Is it possible that so long as Twitter isn’t faced with racism, right-wing rhetoric, and just plain lies that mislead the American body politic, they’re going to allow it?

Junior’s other obsession these days has to do with the “teachers’ unions” and their objections to returning to school. The MAGA party has been anti-COVID recognition from the very beginning. One doesn’t get to 500,000 deaths by playing anything safe. Junior makes a complete ass of himself talking about “follow the science” as if he just ate a bitter lime. “Whatever happened to ‘follow the science’?”

We will help out. The science continues to show people dying of COVID, at the fastest rate ever, last month. Yes, the CDC has said it is safe for the kids to return to school provided all safety protocols are followed. Perhaps there are some bad faith teachers’ unions out there, we can allow for that. But we suspect that the unions are only asking for more safety measures. Just because Junior was happy to get COVID to prove that he loved America doesn’t mean that every teacher wants to demonstrate a similar degree of recklessness.

Also, check out Junior’s imitation of Lauren Boebert, shooting his video in front of an arsenal of weapons that would be distasteful to the Navy SEALs. The SEALs know that those weapons are only good to repel a threat or execute a dangerous mission. Other than that, weapons should be locked up. After all, the SEALs surely lock up their stuff when they’re not on those missions. Junior isn’t the type to be actually fighting anyway. Check this guy goin “Boebert.”

What a freakshow.

And yet it works. It actually does work among the MAGA crowd. Junior keeps getting more and more credibility, to the point that we see it just as likely that Junior runs for president as his dad, given dad’s big legal issues. Ranting and raving all day helps, ranting and raving all day in front of a shitload of expensive guns moves him to the front of the line. Maybe he thinks that the algorithms feel threatened by the guns in the background.

He is coming for the algorithms but surely not the teachers’ unions.


Peace, y’all
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