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Shocking Gallup Poll: GOP Ratings COLLAPSE, Entire Republican Party in FREE FALL

We often hear that the country is so “polarized,” right down the middle, almost 50-50.

The generalization was useful, as far as it went, for quite some time, certainly while Trump was in office. Though it was always important to remember that Trump’s approval ratings never did get over 50% approval and he never had higher approval than disapproval ratings. Despite what some would have had us believe, we progressives were always in the majority.

But now, since January 6th and the period in which Joe Biden took spectacular control of the nation, calmly, lovingly, methodically, and resolutely, now – that “polarized” nation, though still “polarized,” is nowhere close to 50-50. The greater public, maybe some of whom really don’t follow politics that closely, now have a sense of clarity that wasn’t there before and it’s showing in the polls. The MAGAs are tanking and don’t think that these polls won’t get noticed by those Senators sitting as jurors.

There is even worse news for the Republicans within the Gallup analysis, from Crooks and Liars:

Since November, the GOP’s image has suffered the most among Republican Party identifiers, from 90% favorable to 78%. Independents’ and Democrats’ opinions are essentially unchanged.

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“Conservatives” are running away from the GOP. This is quite typical for Republicans after a loss. BUT, it is especially important this time because there is no “one” Republican party anymore. There are “Republicans” who right now, today, could vote for Romney for president over Biden (Old school GOP) and there are the MAGAs that wouldn’t vote for anyone but Trump, Junior, or perhaps Hawley, Boebert, or MJT. With such a split, that “party” cannot afford to lose 12% of its membership, not when elections are decided by 4-5%  of the votes in this country.

If Trump is impeached, we’ll still have the MAGAs. They will stick with Trump to the end. It is a cult. But the rest of the Trump voters – the Tim Scotts, the Rand Pauls, the Mitch McConnell’s, they’ll come up with some sort of rebranding, getting away from MAGA and even the regular GOP. And there will be some predictable scaffolding around which they’ll build themselves back up:

The Republicans are in trouble. They have to know it. And they’re in an impossible situation right now. Vote to convict Trump and they can forget ever getting the vote of those insane MAGAs, vote to find him not guilty and await the wrath of the American people that have already seen some of the most horrific action ever taken by an American political party. That wrath is already showing up, big, in numbers that are killing the conservative momentment in the United States.

Fitting, they have demonstrated that they don’t deserve the right to govern in a democratic republic.

Peace, y’all
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