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Stephen Miller Explodes into Rage Over Granting Immigrants Citizenship, ‘This Is Madness!’


Stephen Miller embarrasses this nation every time he opens his mouth on immigration or any other issue on which the Democrats have a say. Stephen seems to be under the impression that everything Donald Trump did was the law of the land, permanently. But just like under President Obama, hard-right Republicans go insane when a Democrat goes Presidenting without their license.

Stephen went on FOX News this morning to talk immigration with the inexplicably once-respected Maria Bartiromo. Trouble was “afoot” as Stephen launched into one of the most unapologetically hypocritical rants we’ve seen in a while, maybe since the last time Stephen talked immigration.

Maria set it up on a tee for him, saying that it seemed “trouble was afoot” (yes, that is what she said) with President Biden’s immigration policy. Stephen embarrassed the country. From Rawstory:

“The legislation put forward by Biden and congressional Democrats would fundamentally erase the very essence of America’s nationhood”

Stephen went on to claim that the Biden administration would allow formerly deported immigrants back into the country. We have no idea what Stephen means, neither does he, but we’re certain it is a little more complicated than that.

Moreover, even though we have not read through the entire proposed piece of legislation, but we’re near-certain that Stephen is talking about dreamers, too, and asylum seekers at the border, who are in a different category than those who entered the country illegally. Many of these people presented themselves at the border with the faith that the United States would do the right thing under international law and grant them a hearing, at least, and the courts would follow that law.

“This is madness! This administration has already dismantled border security, canceling President Trump’s historic agreements with Mexico and with the northern triangle countries, restoring catch and release and additionally gutting interior enforcement, issuing a memo, preventing ICE from removing the vast majority of criminal illegal immigrants that it encounters!”

“This is a policy choice disguised falsely to the court and to the country as a resource issue! That is a lie and it’s a lie that threatens public safety.

Well. A couple of things to address here. It is Stephen, who is mad on several different levels. To the extent that President Biden has dismantled anything, they consist of presidential orders made by Trump. There is no “historical” agreement with Mexico and Central American countries. There are just executive orders, not laws. We also don’t think Stephen has characterized the orders properly. That is not his job. His job is to yell about immigrants.

It is a policy choice. What’s the problem?

“If you give low-skilled, illegal immigrants a path to citizenship, that will mean a net fiscal transfer of trillions of dollars longterm to pay for social security, to pay for medical care, to pay for Medicaid,” he added. “It’s an extraordinary expense to give that to 20 million illegal immigrants.”

“Give.” No one is “giving” anyone anything, not to illegal immigrants. No, it will not mean a net fiscal transfer of trillions of dollars, that takes an epidemic. Stephen doesn’t seem to know that immigrants expand an economy. Indeed the economy shrinks without new people. Pay people $15 an hour and see what happens.

None of this is disguised. It is the proposed policy and many think it benefits the United States. Stephen sees “some” immigration as good. He isn’t going after the Russians in south Florida.  Last, if anything destroys the “essence” of this country, it is imprisoning children, separated from their parents, and yelling that the borders are “closed!”

Stephen has to deal with the next four years. That thought alone makes it worth checking in on him once in a while.

Peace, y’all
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