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The Cruz Vacation Scandal Gets Worse, Now Parents at Their Daughters’ School Want Them to Quarantine

Yeah, pictures of a family in swimsuits on the beach, taken as their home state endured a horrific freeze without electricity, while leaving the poor dog at home to fend for itself, will get people angry that the family of a politician feels that entitled. It will also remind the public that Heidi Cruz is every bit entitled as Ted. Heidi is a managing partner at Goldman Sachs and thus likely paid for the trip, or at least a significant percentage portion if one breaks down the family income.

There is nothing wrong with the pictures per se, they just keep the outrage going. Not that it matters at all, but Heidi looks great. Ted missed an opportunity to have said to Trump, “I think my wife is the most beautiful woman on earth, and if you call out her looks one more time, I’m coming for you.” Ted would have looked just as great had he done it. People would still mention it. Ted should have also brought it up a few times when Trump was president, just to keep Trump in his lane.

But now the Cruz’s have another problem. The other parents at the kids’ school, the ones that didn’t go international for a beach trip, want the kids quarantined. We suspect that wasn’t factored into the beach plans.

According to the Daily Mail:

Following an outcry he returned home on Thursday, but was slammed for blaming his daughters for his decision to make the trip. The 50-year-old later said: ‘It was obviously a mistake. In hindsight, I wouldn’t have done it.’ Parents at St John’s School in Houston, which Cruz’s children attend, have demanded the family follow school policy to quarantine for seven to ten days upon their return.

You know what? When the entire city is already furious with the family, along with Heidi’s texts,¬†and a call goes out to simply follow the rules, they face a situation where they better follow the rules or this scandal will last seven to ten days, getting angrier each day.

Anyhow. It looks like the beach scandal has played itself out. Ted Cruz did nothing more than remind people¬†why they hate him. This scandal will be brought up with everything else if Ted ever runs for president. It will be right up there with not defending his wife. To be fair, Heidi does seem to be bothered by criticism, she looks to be a full “partner.”

Peace, y’all
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