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Trump Explodes Over SCOTUS Tax Order: ‘That’s Fascism, Not Justice!’

We have another release from the “Office of President Donald J. Trump,” which is Trump’s only means of communicating his rage, at least in written form. Except it is likely that Trump doesn’t write these statements. He doesn’t use words like “persecution” much. He certainly does feel persecuted.

Trump must be nervous about the SCOTUS order. It is not a SCOTUS “decision,” the decision was handed down last year,

Trump wanted the SCOTUS to review the district judge’s order on the subpoena based on the SCOTUS’s decision. The SCOTUS declined to hear it and ordered it back down. Thus, they affirmed the district judge’s order to turn it over. It sure seems to have the entire Trump family nervous, Don Jr. put out the daily sweaty scream focused solely on the continuation of the “witch hunt.”

But that was nothing compared to the “Stephen Miller Likely-Written Screed” put out by Trump.

The investigation is a continuation of the greatest political witch hunt in the political history of our country, whether it was the never-ending $32 million Mueller hoax, which already investigated everything that could be possibly be investigated, “Russia, Russia, Russia,” where there was a finding of no collusion or the two ridiculous Crazy Nancy inspired impeachment attempts where I was found NOT GUILTY! It just never ends.

Oh for god’s sake. Mueller did not investigate everything that could possibly be investigated, he was specifically told to not investigate Trump’s financial background and that is an area that could definitely be investigated. Moreover, Mueller doesn’t make findings on “No Collusion,” which is absurd. Prosecutors don’t prove someone didn’t do the act, they decide whether there is enough evidence. The impeachment votes speak for themselves.

The MAGAs will eat this up. The investigation is all “Get Trump!” and if there is one MAGA on one jury, there will be yet another jury nullification, just like the senate.

Trump then has a long paragraph stating that New York has “already looked at every transaction” for the last two years and somehow believes that the fact that a prestigious firm did his taxes means he did nothing wrong. He whines that the Supreme Court should never have allowed this “fishing expedition.”

Astonishingly, Trump goes on to say that all of this is done by “enemy Democrats” including Cuomo that want to nullify 76 million votes, the most by far of any candidate. He then closes with the big lie, many experts believe I won the election, I agree!

These statements are dangerous because his voters fully believe all the above and because the MAGAs will believe all the above, the U.S. Senate (nearly all)  must stick with him or lose. They are fully controlled. The same dynamic continues, except for the astonishing part – he keeps talking about the election. He is in real danger doing so. Merrick Garland is about to be confirmed by the senate. Garland will walk in and see many findings already made.

Trump has to deal with the insurrection, the pardons for money, firing staff in a purge, and probably federal investigations into Trump’s relationship with foreign countries, particularly Saudi Arabia, a country that might not have been as careful as Russia. Who knows what they will find.

All we know is that it better be rock solid because 40% of the country isn’t going to believe anything. Unbelievable.

Still telling the big lie.


Peace, y’all
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