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Trump International Hotel in Washington DC Facing ‘Serious Questions’: Future is Bleak as Business Plummets

Who knew?

Everyone. Everyone knew that there were three possible futures for the Trump International Hotel just blocks from the Capitol inside what used to be one of the most gorgeous buildings in Washington, the Old Post Office.

One, if Trump had lost in a close match to Hillary, as expected at the time, he would likely have gained credibility as a “presence” to be taken seriously. The hotel would do better. Ironically, this seemed to be Trump’s initial plan. In a close loss, he would not have had an opportunity for half the country to hate him… even more.

Two, he could have won another term, and for another four years the hotel would be the center of grift in Washington. We offer a plausible example; Twenty-five royal Saudis make reservations, top rate, pre-paid, they cancel at the last minute or just show up and eat at the restaurant, etc.

Three, Trump loses, he has been horrible for the country and is hated by a significant majority. People are furious, his name has a stench that can’t be washed away. His failures, especially COVID and the insurrection, leave no one wanting to be associated with him. At all.

Who knew the three scenarios? Other than COVID, anyone could have predicted the basic options. Perhaps Trump winning after successfully completing a first term was somewhat suspect all along.

Regardless, as expected, the place sits as a White Elephant, near a non-Trump White House, losing money almost as quickly as his resort in Scotland. Rawstory has details from CNN:

“A financial disclosure report that former President Donald J. Trump released last week covering 2020 showed a 63 percent decline in revenue at the Trump hotel in Washington, dropping to $15.1 million,” reported Eric Lipton. “In an interview last week, Eric Trump, the former president’s son and the executive vice president of the Trump Organization, attributed the revenue loss to the pandemic and the city’s policies forcing the closure of the restaurants and bar.”

However, as the report noted, “Across the street from the hotel, Fogo de Chão, a Brazilian steakhouse, was doing much brisker business.

Interesting. Does the Brazilian steakhouse put ketchup on the steaks? Word around the campfire is that this is the key to ruining a great steak and it’s done nightly at the Trump bunk.

No, that isn’t the issue. The restaurant across the street doesn’t require a person to walk into a hotel with Trump’s name on it. If Trump supporters go to the Trump steakhouse it might be the only time they wear a mask, even while eating “Seared Gray Steak a la rouge,” great secret sauce.

Eric and dad best get used to this. People are not going to forget the insurrection any time soon. Indeed, as the investigation continues there could be very problematic details, perhaps even the type of details that keep the few high-end MAGAs out. Perhaps the hotel should be investigated, too. The financing was great. Word around the campfire…


Peace, y’all
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