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Trump to Speak at CPAC Next Weekend, His First Speech Since Leaving the WH and People Are Expecting a Doozy

We are all sick of him but he must be watched. He is capable of anything, and dangerous.

We don’t know if Donald Trump will be hugging flags again at CPAC, or whether they have people in the crowd to get more COVID like last year, but the New York Times says that the fact that Trump announced plans to speak next weekend at the conservative creepy crawler conference indicates Trump’s all in for 2024.

Well, we’re not sure about that. We are sure that Trump wants to maximize the money from his donor database and to do that he has to at least act like he’s running. Speaking at CPAC is sort of an entry-level requirement for baby candidates, even Trump. Had he skipped the konservative klan koncave after appearing for five years straight, the talk would begin. “He has given up.” That crap won’t work here, but it would with a lot of people.

The NYT Sunday edition has a feature on Trump’s announcement that he’s coming (Link at bottom):

“Former President Donald J. Trump will speak at the conservative event known as CPAC on Feb. 28, his first public appearance and lengthy address since he left the White House for a final time last month. A senior aide to Mr. Trump confirmed that he would attend the Conservative Public Action Conference, which is being held in Orlando, Fla., this year, and that he planned to talk about the future of the Republican Party as well as President Biden’s immigration policies, which have been aimed at undoing Mr. Trump’s.

Well of course he would make a comeback with “Let’s get back to imprisoning immigrants! It worked so well last time.”

“The former president, who was permanently banned from Twitter and who is facing investigations into his businesses as well as whether he has culpability for the assault on the Capitol, has generally kept a low profile, except for giving a small round of interviews to sympathetic news outlets about the passing of the radio host Rush Limbaugh last week. Even though the interviews were supposed to be about Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Trump still strayed into repeating his false claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him,” 

Right, “supposed to be about Rush,” FAT chance. “Low profile”?? Other ex-presidents have gone six months before giving a commencement address at State University and then go back into hiding.

Trump made it a little over six weeks before seeking out the cameras again. But damn, he needs to be careful with everything he says. Did they mention investigations? Let’s see if he goes “impromptu” this time.

Haberman noted that CPAC has been required for each aspiring presidential candidate. She also mentioned the money thing, and people like Cruz and Hawley are going to have to watch Trump and see if he is going to run before deciding about their own plans. It might “freeze” them out of fundraising. We don’t feel like giving them any advice but if either of those guys thinks they’re running for president, we would assume that Trump won’t be in the race. They could always stop and reverse course, while also pocketing the money.

“Whether he actually does is an open question. But his presence could freeze the field for the next two years, preventing other candidates from developing operations and, more important, networks of donors to sustain their candidacies.”


Well, as we said, it will be “interesting,” and who knows, with Trump, it’s going to be wild! Yes, we will reference the siege again because it should be brought up every single time he shows his face.

Peace, y’all
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