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Tucker Carlson Suggests That Joe and Jill Biden’s Marriage is ‘Fake’, and She’s His Caretaker Since He’s Senile

It’s been a busy few weeks for Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who recently claimed that George Floyd lost his life due to pills, then blamed Democrats and the Black Lives Matter movement for fueling the riot at the Capitol building last month. And as if that weren’t enough President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were in his crosshairs Tuesday night as he claimed their public affection towards each other is a public relations stunt.

So after four years of dealing with Melania Trump and her coldness towards her husband, and dealing with Donald Trump’s disgusting escapades, he’s whining about the Bidens?

Give me an effing break here! We’ve dealt with Trump’s continual yelling about the “stolen election,” Melania’s dealings with her stepdaughter Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s misdeeds regarding his taxes, and every detail of his carnal misdeeds have been dragged out, drawn and quartered for all the world to see, but Joe Biden hugs his wife.

But Carlson, like so many on Fox News, breezes past all this and turns on the snark, Newsweek reports.

“Not since Antony dined with Cleopatra in downtown Antioch — has a country witnessed a love story as poignant as Jill and Joe’s,” he said, leaning heavily on the sarcasm.

“No, ladies and gentlemen, Jill Biden is not Joe’s caretaker. She isn’t his nurse. She’s his fully equal romantic partner,” he said. “Together they are like besotted teens, yet at the same time they are the wise and knowing parents of the nation.”

Then he decided to attack Politico for a story the site ran that discussed the Bidens’ affection for each other.

In the story, writer Quint Forgey noted:

“Historians and relationship experts agree: the first couple’s romantic gestures aren’t just genuine — they’re restorative.”

But Carlson persisted with his little sarcastic tirade.

“The Bidens’ affection is totally real,” he said. “It’s in no way part of a slick PR campaign devised by cynical consultants determined to hide the president’s senility by misdirection. No, not at all! Their love is as real as climate change!”

What a cutesy admission of climate change denial. But that’s how Carlson operates. He spreads as much misinformation as Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and all of the other Fox News personalities do. This latest little outburst comes in the days following Valentine’s Day when Dr. Biden decorated the White House lawn with heart-shaped signs that boasted messages like “gratitude,” “healing,” and “compassion.”

Dr. Biden noted at the time that she decided to put up the signs to shed a little positive light.

“I just wanted some joy,” she said. “With the pandemic, everybody’s feeling a little down. So, it’s just a little joy. A little hope. That’s all.”

President Joe Biden added Valentine’s Day is his wife’s “favorite day. For real.” But of course, we didn’t hear about that on Carlson’s program.

Carlson has apparently not been feeling the love over the past few weeks. He went viral last week after claiming George Floyd lost his life due to pills, and that’s a plain, flat-out lie. Yes, a report from the local medical examiner at the time showed Fentanyl in Floyd’s bloodstream, but he was lucid at the time and cooperated with the police when officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck as Floyd told officers he couldn’t breathe. And the medical examiner also reported Floyd’s manner of death was homicide, and that the cause of death was “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression.”

But Carlson is allergic to facts. He attacked the Democrats for their responses to the loss of Floyd’s life and tried to connect the reactions to the Black Lives Matter movement and the deadly riot on Jan. 6.

“Beginning on Memorial Day, BLM and their sponsors in corporate America completely changed this country,” he said at the time. “They changed this country more in five months than it had changed in the previous 50 years. How’d they do that? They used the sad death of a man called George Floyd to upend our society.”

Yeah, well white American society needs upending. White American society needs a reckoning exactly because of the last 50 years. Tucker Carlson needs a reckoning. Instead of griping about the Bidens’ very real affection towards each other, it would be nice if he’d focus on all the harm done by the previous administration.

But of course, he’ll never do that.

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