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Watch Rep. Boebert Go Crazy When Democratic Rep. Calls Her Out for Her ‘Gun Fetish’ During Zoom Meeting

Lauren Boebert is not having a good day, already trending on Twitter, in part, for her reaction to a Democrat referencing those members of Congress with such a strong “gun fetish” that they believe they need to be armed in and around the Capitol, and in part for getting called out by beloved George Takei. Much more below, including her insane rant:

Lauren has a gun fetish (a strong one, too, because you’ll see how it got her going) because she fully believes that guns are absolutely necessary inside the Capitol building in order to do her job. Boebert went further, asking for armed security, paid for by the Committee Chair Raul Grijalva, personally, if she isn’t allowed to bring her gun into the Capitol. We do want to point out that the single biggest security threat inside the Capitol may well be Lauren Boebert and her gun.

Now, we think it would be a great idea if Chairman Grijalva took Boebert up on her idea regarding her security. We would like to see him publish one of the many studies that have shown that people who carry guns at their side are far more likely to hurt themselves or a friend than hurting an attacker. We want to protect her and take that gun off of her, at least in the Capitol. We also want Grijalva to go further because we want Lauren Boebert very safe, we want Grijalva to buy Lauren a dog. Dogs have been found to be the only weapon that cannot be turned on a person and no one attacks anyone with a giant loyal dog at their side. She can have a big German Shepard that just loves her and finds others too “shifty.”

She can bring her big German Shepard onto the floor. If Boebert voted in consultation with her German Shepard, Colorado’s Third Congressional district would get far more intellectual “firepower” in their representation.

Watch this woman go crazy, taking up five minutes of real government time, to talk about herself and her security. As you watch this, be angry about the fact that she was likely armed on insurrection day (We believe that she still had that right on that day) and how it was that on the one day in which the Capitol was stormed she and her gun were nowhere to be found.

Batshit. Bullshit.

Oh did Twitter ever have a good time with this:

Oh, she put out another tweet, pretending to know more about government than Joe Biden:

Every day she says something stupid. Every day she says something laughable. But every day she also remains one of the most dangerous people in Congress. We wouldn’t let her anywhere near a gun, or a dog.


Peace, y’all
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