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White House Humiliates Ted Cruz and Won’t Allow Him to Ride Air Force One to Texas When Biden Visits Tomorrow

No one needed to tell Joe Biden that, as president of all of the states, he needed to get out to Texas as soon as possible to assess why the state looked more like an impoverished third-world country than one of the country’s most populous and wealthy states. Republicans govern Texas, exclusively, and any “changes” that might have to be made may only come about through federal pressure.

Thus it is that President Biden will be touring Houston with Governor Greg Abbot on Friday.

Traditionally, if the President goes to visit a state, and the state’s senators are in Washington, the senators accompany the president on Air Force One regardless of party. Occasionally even governors will fly to Washington so as to accompany the president back to the state and brief the president prior to landing. It is just a traditional thing and can be useful.

Plus, everyone likes traveling on Air Force One, even the president.

We aren’t sure if they are taking the big version of Air Force One (the 747) or the little version (the 757), we only know that there isn’t enough room on whatever plane for President Biden and Ted “Cancun” Cruz. Perhaps it would be awkward hosting the man who objected to your victory if you were the president? Even without COVID.

But the White House played it straight-up, perhaps with a twinkle in their eye. According to the Daily Mail:

Biden heads to Texas on Friday to visit the state in the aftermath of a winter storm that left at least 80 people dead and millions without water or power. 

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that because Dr. Jill Biden is joining her husband on the trip and because of social distancing requirements of COVID, neither Cruz nor fellow Texas Senator John Cornyn would be on the trip.

Psaki said because of that no members of Congress would join the president on Friday’s trip. Biden is spending the day in Houston where he will tour damage with Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and also visit a COVID vaccination center. 

‘There are not members,’ Psaki said, ‘of any party traveling with the president to Texas. But again, he’s going to be spending the day traveling with Governor Abbott and surveying the damage on the ground.’

Well, okay.

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But one person? Dr. Jill? Is it more to protect Cruz from Jill Biden? Either way, the conclusion remains. Dr. Jill Biden will be accompanying President Biden, and Ted Cruz will not.


Peace, y’all
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