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Joe Scarborough’s EPIC Rant Slams ‘Ivy League Brats’ Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz and It’s Perfection

Say what one wants about Joe Scarborough and his possible aiding and abetting the rise of Donald Trump, no one blasts out anger at the remaining hardcore MAGAs in government like Joe. Scarborough used to be one of the single most conservative members of Newt Gingrich’s House of Representatives and is a testament to what one good woman can do for a man. Mika seems to have been the one – more than any other – to bring Joe back to sanity and to the point where he will call out MAGA mania like no other television host.

It is even more important than that. Everyone in DC knows that Morning Joe is the show that the actual powerbrokers watch, on both sides. Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney are not watching Fox and Friends.

This morning they got a treat. Joe went after the “Republicans are the party of blue-collar men and women” trope pulled out at CPAC and promptly laid some reality down for them. From Mediaite:

 Addressing Cruz and Hawley’s CPAC speeches, the Morning Joe host said, “you spend all weekend attacking country club types. You’re all ivy league elitists! You all passed tax cuts for the richest people on the planet!”

“You attack big tech,” he continued. “But you pass tax cuts that actually allow Amazon to pay zero in taxes.”

“I mean, you lie so shamelessly. You’re all Ivy League brats. And you lie so shamelessly about being a man of the people, Ted Cruz. Really, Princeton boy, Harvard boy. You’re against country clubs. Are you? Okay. Donald Trump lives in country clubs. 

It is not that hard to call out the Right’s shamelessness because they’ve been riding this one-trick pony since back in the day that Joe walked the halls of congress. They talk like they’re for the little guy, wink at racism and self-reliance, hit social issues hard, abortion, the attack on Christianity, and then get voted in to do big business all the favors they ever wanted, tax cuts, and deregulatory actions.

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But it is ridiculous for Hawley and Cruz to act as though they’re with the little guys, against the elites, when each of them are ….Ivy League brats. Like many brats, they deserved the tongue lashing they got this morning. They might deserve a spanking but we no longer condone laying hands on children in anger. Besides, there’s a chance those two might enjoy it. They did not enjoy being exposed on television.


Peace, y’all
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