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Trump Facing Serious Questions Over His ‘Dreadful’ Appearance at Mar-a-Lago Over the Weekend

Fans of former President Donald Trump are being roasted on Twitter after praising his appearance at a Mar-a-Lago event, The Independent reports.

Conservative author and political commentator Nick Adams posted a tweet proclaiming Trump “is looking better than ever before!! He’s getting in shape for 2024 and the liberals are freaking out!!”

He subsequently wound up being mocked by Talking Points Memo founder Josh Marshall responded by writing that the former president looked “confused, anaemic and like 100 … seriously what’s wrong with these people. This is like the 10th Trumper today tweeting how Trump is looking amazing.”

Vox journalist Aaron Rupar needled Adams by juxtaposing his remarks with a photo of Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin lying in his casket.

Marshall also found it “unreal that the former prez is basically working as a greeter at a club in Florida,” after images appeared that showed Trump with supporters at his golf club.

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Podcaster Tom Joseph really zeroed in on Trump, posting in a tweet that Trump’s eyes were “vacant” and “dead,” and that his “appearance is dreadful. His degenerative neurological disease has reached a point where he is brought out as a novelty item for Republican dog and pony shows.”

Rupar added another dig by comparing right-wingers’ fawning views of the former president to Homer Simpson’s delusional thoughts on his own appearance.

Rupar also couldn’t resist zinging Birgitte Gabriel, an anti-Islam conservative author, who wrote Trump “looks fantastic and stronger than ever!”

“He does?” Rupar retorted.

But Gabriel was undeterred and she heaped more praise on the former president:

“President Trump is looking ENERGIZED and ready to go for 2024!! This is what ‘Presidential’ looks like!!”

Hilariously, that led Tim Fullerton, the director of digital strategy at the Interior Department during the Obama administration, to tweet, in mock admiration:

“I truly wish I could look this amazing. So fit and so in shape,” he wrote. “I’m drowning in my liberal tears.”

For someone who is “so in shape,” Trump looks pretty much like he always did while president, thick around the middle and confused like someone who fought a long battle and lost.

Which is, in fact, what happened.

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