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Trump Seems to Think He’s Still President; May Pay a Visit to the Southern Border ‘Soon’

An aide to Donald Trump reports that the former President may soon visit the Mexican border, while pressure on President Joe Biden to also do so continues to mount, The Daily Mail reports. While it’s often difficult t to tell when Jason Miller, the aide in question is telling the truth, especially since he’s allegedly tried a number of interesting moves to avoid paying child support, Miller claims Trump is “very concerned” about Biden’s efforts to repeal his policies, now that he has halted construction on the border wall and rescinded the so-called “Muslim ban.”

That’s what Miller told podcast host Michael Berry, adding that Trump hoped to “let Biden go and fail on his own before he steps in” regarding the border issue and would travel down there as long as it doesn’t look like “showboating.”

Biden is indeed facing increased heat over escalating numbers of unaccompanied minors crowding border patrol stations, but so far has only said he will visit the border “at some point,” noting “I know what’s going on in these facilities.”

And of course, Miller couldn’t resist adding his own negative spin, comparing Biden’s reversal of Trump’s policies to “driving down the freeway at 50-60 mph and throwing the car into reverse.” Gee, kind of like what Trump did when his administration took the wrecking ball to global health staffing which may have hampered response to the pandemic, especially since he disbanded a National Security Council unit dedicated to pandemic response, Time reports.

I’m guessing facts like this are lost on Miller, who also sharply criticized Biden for putting Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of handling the border issue, calling her “Mrs. Open Borders,” because perhaps that’s the best insult his feverish brain can come up with.

On the campaign trail, Biden and Harris called for an end to Trump’s draconian border policies.

“Joe Biden stood on the debate stage with the Democrats and even reiterated his belief in the general election that he supported citizenship for 11 million undocumented folks.”

“That’s like putting up a signal flare of Fourth of July firework proportions to the entire Western Hemisphere for everyone who wants to come to the United States to come.”

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To be sure, the Biden administration is facing a real challenge here, but Biden steadfastly noted during his Thursday press conference that he has no intentions of rolling back Trump’s policies. But he also claimed ‘the overwhelming majority coming to the border’ were being turned away.

Government data, however, belies this, showing that more than half of the family members intercepted at the border weren’t expelled. Indeed, this is a damning situation for the Biden administration, as it’s reported that the U.S. Border Patrol caught roughly 100,000 migrants at the border this past February. That’s the highest monthly level reported since a spike in mid-2019. And there are those 5,000 unaccompanied children currently waiting in crowding border stations while waiting to be transferred to federal shelters.

So this really is a sticky situation, but Biden has only been in office just over two months, so it’s only fair to give him a chance, and considering the fact that Trump nearly cut legal immigration to the U.S. nearly in half, which greatly harmed refugees, employers and Americans hoping to live with loved ones from other countries. But it’s not just that, this also harms the nation’s future labor force and economic growth, Forbes notes.

“Average annual labor force growth, a key component of the nation’s economic growth, will be approximately 59 percent lower as a result of the administration’s immigration policies,” the National Foundation for American Policy reports.

The Forbes article gives a good overview of the Trump administration’s impact on immigration policies in the U.S. and I recommend people read it to gain a good understanding of the situation.

So Trump can brag all he wants about his immigration policies but obviously, they were far from perfect, and quite frankly he has no business traveling to Mexico to simply stir up more trouble. Which is all he’ll do.

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