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Watch as Donald Trump’s Brain Short Circuits While Speaking At CPAC

Given that this was Trump’s first speech in nearly two months, people rightly wondered how he would appear and whether his health would look to have degraded over what must be a stressful and painful time in his life. He suffered the ultimate narcissistic injury, utter rejection, which was then followed by abject hatred, even by many on his side, seeing seven Republican Senators – six that had his back before, turn on him.

Additionally, a large part of why Trump chose to jump back into the limelight and speak at CPAC is that he has designs on 2024. Given that so many questions remain about his health coming out of his first term, especially the recurring rumors about TIAs (mini-strokes), him being a post-COVID patient with the attendant unknowns, and continued mental deterioration, there was good reason to watch him closely.

We immediately noticed the sweat pouring off him from the beginning and we noticed the usual slurring of speech. At this point, it would be a bigger surprise had he not slurred his words than when he had. But while we focused primarily on what he was saying, others picked up on tics that might indicate other more nuanced health problems. Below, Trump seems to get caught mid-sentence with some nervous-system spasm of some kind, always the right shoulder moves out of control, he gets stopped mid-word, and instead of saying “Corporatist… ” it comes out “cop,” or “coup” mispronounced, and then completes the sentence with an obvious slurred version of “corporatists.”

It was an unusual tic, as he stopped, his shoulder raised and his breath seemed to suck-in. Odd. And worth noting in a man that says he wants to be president until 2028. (It is the second or Aaron’s tweets down).

That is odd.

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