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Watch Fox News Guest Blow Up at Former Trump Official With the God-Honest TRUTH: ‘You’re a Grifter!’

A screaming match of epic proportions erupted on Fox News between Mercedes Schlapp, the former White House Director of Strategic Communications, and Chris Hahn, a Democratic strategist after Hahn called Tucker Carlson a conspiracy theorist.

And let me tell you, folks, the fight was a real beaut. The two joined host Gillian Turner Tuesday to discuss a potential system that could be used to keep track of Americans who have been vaccinated against coronavirus, Mediaite reports. Right now the Biden administration is taking a look at a possible system to employ this and debates are raging as state governments consider issuing “vaccine passports” or other similar types of documentation.

Round one began when Schlapp attacked the “illogical mentality of the left” because progressives support vaccine passports while being firmly against Republican-led efforts to restrict voting rights. But for Hahn, them’s fightin’ words and he countered that the private sector, not the Biden administration, is pushing the concept forward.

But he also couldn’t resist slamming the GOP.

“Republicans, like everything else they’ve done during this horrible crisis we’ve been through, are pushing these conspiracy theories that the government is trying to control you, which is causing some of their followers not to get vaccinated.”

And Hahn laid the blame for pushing conspiracy theories and endangering public health right at Schlapp’s and Carlson’s doorstep. Meaning that now Schlapp was in shout mode.

“Chris, I am not gonna take this from you,” she hollered. “You are not gonna call me a liar! You are not gonna call me a conspiracy theorist. You are not gonna call Tucker Carlson a conspiracy theorist!”

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Hahn remained undaunted.

“He is!” he snapped. “He is, and you are.”

This is the point where Schlapp trotted out some over-used Republican talking points.

“This is what the Democrats do!” she said. “They keep calling us names, we’re not putting up with this! I stand for freedom! I stand for freedom of the American people every single day!”

“No you don’t. You’re a grifter,” Hahn retorted. “This is ridiculous.”

Whooo! I love a good fight as much as anyone, but this one must have left scratch marks. Turner finally stepped in, telling her guests to cut it out with the name-calling but the shout-fest continued full steam ahead until she directed the conversation (if you can call it that) toward the Biden administration’s interest in the passport idea. Hahn continued defending the initiative and contended Republicans are attacking Biden because they “have no way to attack” him except by discouraging Americans from receiving vaccinations.

Mediaite notes the brouhaha erupted after Tucker Carlson used his show to torpedo the public’s trust in COVID vaccines, and of course, he’s panning the idea of vaccine passports as “Orwellian.”

This leaves me thinking of Orwell’s brilliant novel 1984 and makes me wonder if Fox News is the Ministry of Truth. If you’re not familiar with this amazing book, please keep in mind I’m not using this as a compliment.

Watch the video below.

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