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Americans are Appalled by Trump’s Blasphemous Easter Message to the ‘CRAZIES’ in the Country

So, about 98% of Trump’s “rigged election” statements are deeply offensive, dangerous, and deserve the rage that follows. But, of course, that leaves the two percent that are more giggle-worthy and pathetic and you know damned well that Trump’s going to use that 2%, one way or another. He is not about to put out a message that doesn’t include the great injustice put upon him, the one that’s a lie. Donald Trump doesn’t speak to anyone, no – he wants everyone to hear about himself.

Do you give him an audience, a vehicle to get that message out?

No, not at all. Only the most dangerous of the dangerous and outrageous deserve a response. But why would we deprive ourselves of those few times when one near falls over laughing? We don’t see a good reason and so that’s not going to happen.

Trump couldn’t give two shits that today is Easter, he’s not about to let anyone else claim to be God, even God. He will likely golf twice today. Even wishing someone a “Happy Easter” is kind of weird because either one is already happy about Easter, or isn’t impacted. But he knows that his crowd likes to hear it. So it is LOL that they don’t actually get to hear just the message, they get this message with him at the center:

“Happy Easter to ALL, including the Radical Left CRAZIES who rigged our Presidential Election, and want to destroy our Country!”

C’mon now. That is both insane, outrageous, blah blah, but also so pathetic that it’s laugh-out-loud funny.

Some on the net saw it as such, some were angrier. Some sort of hit both:

Oh, yes it can! And that is the only reason to publish it! Happy Easter everyone, including those who believe that Jesus’s message, from a diety or not, was the original and most dangerous progressive message of its time. Still beautiful today.
Peace, y’all
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