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Americans Come to the Defense of Jill Biden After Conservatives Harshly Criticize FLOTUS Over Fishnet Outfit

Oh, god.

We once lived in a time when it was possible to be critical of a president or even hate a president, without hating the FLOTUS or even having an opinion of the FLOTUS. Many of us believed that George W. Bush’s policies in the Middle East were terrible, financially driven, and cost lives and endless suffering.

And yet, at the same time, could easily admit that Laura actually sounded great and that the couple’s two daughters seemed like nice young women. Not a problem.

Apparently, all that went away when a black man – and woman – entered the White House with their family. We all heard the comments, “gorilla,” the sleeveless dresses, the ugliness, and hatred. Michelle Obama couldn’t advocate for children eating healthier food and exercising without the Right howling about it. They viscerally hated Michelle Obama. The rest of the world loves her. Michelle Obama is likely the most respected and well-liked person on the planet.

Next-up, Melania. We want to be a little careful because there was a time when we sort of saw her as a slight victim in all this. She signed up for a sugar daddy, not to be in the White House. But Melania wasn’t even an innocent bystander, she is the one who told him to run. She said he would win. She plagiarized Michelle’s speech. She waited to move down to the White House twist arms and get a better marital contract. We only later heard she also wanted the bathroom completely renovated. But more than anything, it was Melania’s constant whining, incessantly blaming the press for any negative coverage, the expectation that she’d be worshipped, and the coat that sealed the deal.

We also want to be very clear that we are not judging how Melania made her way in New York. We wouldn’t do that, especially a young immigrant woman, probably lied to, desperate. Forget it. This isn’t about shaming her on that. This is about the MAGAs’ hypocrisy.

As we already reported, incomprehensible hypocrisy is bursting forth as the MAGAs complain that Dr. Jill Biden Ed.D. didn’t look “classy” in whatever tights she wore over the weekend. The MAGAs call them “fishnets.” We have all personally seen Melania naked and know Melania’s beliefs about kids on the Border and even Christmas, but now we’re talking about “fishnets”?

Twitter simply imploded on the hypocrisy:

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And there are so many more it is insane. The left is calling out the MAGAs to protect one of our loved ones, Jill, who is just so fabulous it is …fabulous.

Peace, y’all
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