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Capitol Rioters are Scared and Begging for Forgiveness as They Face Long Prison Sentences

With the evidence against them growing increasingly compelling, droves of suspects involved in the Capitol riot are now apologizing in droves, expressing regret as the consequences of their actions begins to sink in, The Associated Press [1] reports. Some of those consequences include possible time behind bars and financial ruination.

“This is going to have consequences for these people for the rest of their lives — and it should,” said John Flannery, a former federal prosecutor, and Capitol Hill lawyer.

Some of the insurgents also risk infamy well beyond their own lifetimes as history books record images of the insurrection, Raw Story [2] reports. This includes Josiah Colt, who filmed himself while participating in the riot.

“The helmet-wearing Idaho man photographed dangling by one hand from the Senate’s balcony during the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol turned himself in six days later,” according to AP journalists Jacques Billeaud and Michael Tarm. “While buckled in the vehicle delivering him to the Boise jail, Josiah Colt made a video apologizing and expressing shame for storming the building.”

Jacob Chansley, who gained notoriety as the buffalo-horned “QAnon Shaman” appeared in numerous photographs [3] taken on the Senate dais, has also apologized, doing so in a letter written from jail.

These two aren’t the only insurgents who have apologized, the AP reports.

“A lawyer for Dominic Pezzola, who authorities say is a member of the extremist group Proud Boys and broke a window with a police shield, said in a filing that his client’s incarceration has placed his wife and two children in desperate financial straits,” the AP reported. “Several workers at a floor installation business Pezzola manages are also out of work because Pezzola is jailed, attorney Jonathan Zucker wrote in a February filing seeking Pezzola’s release pending trial. Pezzola, the attorney wrote, was sorry for his actions, which included posting a video giving a triumphant speech inside the Capitol while smoking a ‘victory’ cigar.”

At least one of the insurgents faces some pretty hefty charges.

“The day after Chad Jones allegedly swung a flag pole at police just outside the House chamber, he told a friend he was an ‘idiot’, adding he knew he was in big trouble,” according to court documents. He was right,” the AP notes.

Just one week later, a federal complaint hit him with a slew of charges, including, “using a weapon — the flag pole — to assault an officer. The charges carry a maximum 60 years in prison.”

Raw Story notes several of the rioters will probably get off fairly easily because they are only being charged with misdemeanors and added authorities are prioritizing the more violent cases.

It’s not surprising these people are apologizing. Most of them claim to be so tough, but all of them are cowards who were coerced by a man who couldn’t handle the fact that he would no longer be president, so he tricked these gullible fools with scary stories about election fraud and they all bought it.

If these people were truly the brave patriots they claimed to be, they wouldn’t be sniveling. They would face the situation with bravado but they probably don’t know what that word means.