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Clueless Meghan McCain Says Kamala Harris is to Blame For Republicans Refusing to Get Vaccinated

Jesus, these people.

We sound like a broken record (kids, there used to be things called records, they broke, they played the same thing over and over). Meghan McCain is 100% MAGA through and through. She just personally hates Donald Trump and only because Trump treated her dad like shit. Other than that, Meghan McCain will back up any MAGA policy you throw out at her and will take grossly cheap political points.

There may be no more pressing issue in this country with respect to saving lives and getting the economy back than vaccination levels.

Meghan wants you to believe that the same people who believe that Democrats and “elite” traffic children around the world, that JFK was going to come back and run as Trump’s running mate, and the people that still believe that Biden lost the election, have no confidence in the vaccine because they listened to Kamala Harris with respect to their vaccination decisions and it has nothing to do with Trump spending a year playing down the disease, hydroxychloroquine, masks for p*ssys, and all that.

From Mediaite:

Meghan McCain used a clip of Vice President Harris to explain Republican hesitancy to take the Covid-19 vaccine, and also blamed President Joe Biden for failing to give former President Donald Trump credit for the vaccine rollout.

Meghan, do you know how stupid you sound demanding Trump get credit for the vaccine at all? Presidents don’t make vaccines. And with respect to the rollout, there was no rollout until Biden got in office. Trump spent his last three months in office trying to stay in office. There were no regular meetings or press conferences, detailing plans, as there are now.

On Tuesday’s edition of ABC’s The View, host Whoopi Goldberg talked about the recent polling that shows 41 percent of Republicans won’t get vaccinated, and asked McCain how she personally feels about getting vaccinated.

McCain began by expressing her willingness to be vaccinated live on the show, and added that “I’d let them put an iPad Nano between my shoulder blades if it means I can get drunk at Caesar’s Palace again” — which is not an approved treatment or prevention regimen for Covid-19. She then showed a clip in which candidate Harris spoke last summer.

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The clip was of then-Senator Harris telling CNN’s Dana Bash “I would not trust Donald Trump” if a vaccine were rushed out before the election, adding, “And it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about efficacy and the reliability of whatever he’s talking about. I will not take his word for it.”

Meghan found this to be definitive as to why the MAGAs weren’t taking the vaccine:

“So she’s expressing skepticism about the vaccine under the Trump Administration. A lot of Republicans I know are expressing skepticism about to vaccine under the Biden Administration which is why this has been so dangerous that this has become so politicized,” McCain said. “Both sides are equally responsible for this.”

Get bent, Meghan. There are no “both sides.” Trump was not trustworthy about any aspect of the disease. Harris also said immediately afterward that If Dr. Fauci vouched for the vaccination, she’d take it in a heartbeat. And when did the MAGAs ever listen to Kamala Harris anyway?

The clip that McCain played cut Harris off as she was saying, of Trump, “He wants us to inject bleach,” and seconds later saying “I think Dr. Fauci has proven, for anyone who’s been watching him for years and years, to put the public health of the American people as the highest priority in terms of his work and his reputation and his priority. Yes, I trust Dr. Fauci.”

McCain went on to say that there have been “many, many opportunities to right this wrong, including President Biden going on TV and giving credit to President Trump for the help with the rollout of the vaccine, which he didn’t do.”

Nothing like Meghan trying to encourage even more MAGAs to avoid the vaccine by getting angry at President Biden. Demanding that Biden give Trump “credit” for the vaccine. We should give Boris Johnson and Angela Merkal credit, too, they just don’t want it.

McCain also said she thinks the number of Republican vaccine skeptics is higher than advertised;


Meghan really needs to check herself. She is not popular on The View even among the conservatives. If she wants to make a living being a MaGA, go or it. It pays very well.


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