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CNN Releases Devastating Supercut Showing All the Times Trump Predicted Depression if Biden Became President

CNN’s John Berman dropped a supercut Monday of former President Donald Trump repeating a favorite mantra: That the U.S. economy would collapse if Joe Biden were elected president, Raw Story reports. Which then led business analyst Christine Romans to contrast it with the actual reality.

“So, remember when President Trump predicted the stock market would tank if Joe Biden became president?” said Berman, smiling as he played the clips.

“If he’s elected the stock market will crash,” Trump said in one segment. “Joe Biden, the radical socialist Democrats would immediately collapse the economy,” he said in another segment, and at other points saying “Joe will drive the market into a depression,” and “everyone knows that if Biden gets in, this market is going to crash.’

But that’s exactly what DIDN’T happen, Romans notes.

“The reality is we’re at the beginning of a great American comeback,” she said. “Fact: a spring surge fueled by vaccination, warmer weather, reopenings, those $1400 stimulus checks. Fact: a stock market at record highs, riding the wave of central bank support and stimulus from Congress. The Dow and the S&P 500 ended last week at record. The Dow is up nearly 12 percent this year. The S&P up a little more than 11 percent. That crash Trump promised if Joe Biden were elected, the opposite has happened.”

Trump always likes to brag his the best, the most, whatever, but he’s really little more than a failed businessman who’s declared bankruptcy six times, who dragged the U.S. through the mud of his racism, poor decisions, and seeming inability to remain rational about anything. So this dressing-down is appropriate.

And Romans notes:

“The president gets too much credit and blame for what happens to the stock market.” But, she added, “when he bragged about his own stock market gains, he cited the election. So we will do the same here.”

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Here’s the funny clip below.

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