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Conservatives Accuse Jill Biden of Having ‘No Class’ Because She Wore Fishnet Stockings

Oh jeez, here we go.

Jill Biden has “no class”.

Michelle Obama, remember, conservatives also said she had no class either. You know who had class, Melania Trump! Yes, the same Melania that we have all seen in her birthday suit. That Melania.

Ugh. And now the conservatives are at it again.

On a busy April Fool’s Day (she likes to prank), Biden wore an unexpected (though greatly appreciated) outfit. Jill paired a set of black floral fishnet tights, black heeled booties, a semi-pleated leather skirt, and a fitted black blazer. Think: Early aughts emo meets White House matriarch.

She looked great. The woman is 71 and can rock it.

But conservatives, with all their family values and such, just can’t take it.

Take a look:

Good Lord? I also love how this user picks a photo of Melania wearing an innocent dress with a flower on it. And not the dress she wore on July 4th:

Yeah remember that doozy? Where the world saw what only her husband and baby Barron should’ve seen?

Moving along, conservatives used this as a chance to slam Dr. Biden and praise Melania.