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Eric Trump Sounded Like He Inhaled Helium Prior to Appearing on Fox News and It’s Truly Bizarre

Generally speaking, one can throw away any Eric interview as various forms of whining in cliches. If he ever had an original thought, we never heard it make it to his mouth. He strings together phrases like the Saturday Night Live News Comedian. And of course, since he’s whining, he often sounds like he’s six. Surprisingly he is eloquent in six year old types of cliches.

We only have a short clip below but given that he’s saying something about “they can’t help themselves, I watch them and it’s all Trump all the time, they cannot let him go” we presume he’s referencing left-wing media. Here is what we also suspect, Eric is talking about those aspects of Trump that the entirety of the progressive media “won’t let go.” We will not let responsibility for the insurrection go, possible crimes Trump committed, the bad faith “big lie,” or some other aspect of the Trump administration that the Trump family desperately wants everyone “to let go,” such as his ongoing effort to control the MAGA right. All things worth continued coverage.

The Trumps definitely want to stay front and center of the MAGA party and continually want to remind people that they have a lot of power and control the politicians in Washington, they just want anything and everything about the insurrection – in particular – let go, and perhaps the state criminal charges.

Regardless, we can’t answer why Eric chose to suck helium just prior to answering this question, and if you note further below, this is not the first time it has happened.

That. Is. Bad. and W.T.F?  Seriously. Did he dip into some of his brother’s stuff and it has just a bit different effect on him than most people? Can we rule anything out? It is not reaching a new level of maturity or wisdom.

It is not the first time this happened:


Peace, y’all
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