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Extra Ugly Racism: Mike Huckabee Now ‘Identifies’ as Chinese and People are Disgusted

We have yet another entirely predictable, entirely pathetic, and entirely dangerous tweet from a powerful, rich, and privileged white man claiming that he’s oppressed in America. The white man, this time Mike Huckabee, is so oppressed that he got extra racist and might get his tweet pulled down and a timeout.

The Wasp victim complex beats on. Actually, a real victim complex involves someone who believes he or she is an actual victim. Guys like Mike Huckabee don’t necessarily feel like “victims” so much as they believe that it is their American right to define victims and use their inherent power. Right now, the MAGAs have chosen Chinese Americans as deserving extra hatred.

MAGA Mike Huckabee damned sure isn’t about to pass up an opportunity to assert his special right. He wants everyone to know that the white man is at a distinct disadvantage now that he’s entirely canceled and, now, only the Chinese have a real advantage. He is so assured by his powerful white self that he thinks tweeting the ugliest racist spew isn’t a big deal.

Yeah. Let’s think about that a moment… Fck you, Mike.

Mike? How about you drop your movement’s racism, and once racism is gone, Coke and Delta will like all of us, we’ll all “accept” each others’ values, and we’ll all have a chance to get shoes from Nike and tickets to MLB games. Because, America is great but it can be infinitely better.

Mike just doesn’t want it better for everyone, that’s uncomfortable. He wants his advantage because that’s what makes America great to him.

We go to the tape because Twitter found a little extra in its anger today:

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Huck managed to even anger some of his supporters:

But he can’t use “another analogy” because only racism is analogous. This might be the dumbest response of all.

As we said, there is extra anger in response. The tweet has been reported. Mike might have time to reflect, maybe in church, but he won’t because Mike doesn’t have time to read about Jesus. His fervent Christianity is nothing but a convenient identity right now, not a spiritual faith.

Peace, y’all
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