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For the SECOND Time, Psaki Slams Conservative Religious Network Reporter Over Ridiculous Questions

When reporters from the WHCA get time in the briefing room, it is entirely expected that they will ask questions of interest to their audience or their network. The operative word here is “network” because Owen Jensen from Eternal Word Television Network (A conservative Catholic network) does not ask questions of interest to most Catholics, he instead focuses upon issues that seem to consume every minute of the very conservative Catholic audience and why Biden is not catering to that audience.

Perhaps a better question is why Jensen refuses to learn and continues to get smacked by Jen Psaki on issues that the administration either has not had time to consider or issues so plainly obvious (regarding the administration’s position) that they simply take up otherwise valuable time. We have the video below but want to highlight some commentary from Crooks and Liars that matches our frustrations to the letter:

Now, this post could focus on his insipid questions about when President Biden was going to appoint an ambassador to the Holy See, or why the administration lifted the ban on fetal tissue research, or how the White House could possibly take the position that it values the lives of children who are trans.

We will actually focus on those issues, again, each one narrow in focus, and not just narrow to Catholicism but narrow even to regular Catholics. We suspect President Biden will get around to naming an ambassador to the Vatican when he gets around to naming ambassadors. Biden clearly lifted the ban on fetal tissue research because it’s critical to science to cure disease – which has been important lately. And, unlike EWTN, the administration supports our LGTBQ community, and that includes participating in school activities.

Jen brushed each question aside effortlessly and in doing so, shamed Jensen by wasting valuable time, as noted by C&L:

They aren’t just regular old questions, though. He’s not asking about environmental regulations or holding Russia accountable for bounties on the heads of American soldiers. He wants to know why Biden is not enacting policies that appease his religious beliefs, and that of his network’s viewers. They aren’t based in science. They’re based in narrow, radical, religious interpretation. The worst of it is, they’re based on the insistence that government impose his religious beliefs on the nation.

In other words, no different than yesterday when Peter Doocy attempted to frame all “unity” questions as dependent upon the administration bending to their audience’s will. They never learn, Psaki just won’t do it. She swats away questions as easily as they ask them.

See below:

Peace, y’all
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