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‘Fox And Friends’ Co-Host Says People Who Protest Against Police ‘Should Be Barred’ From Dialing 911

Fox News personality Brian Kilmeade has made a habit out of making incendiary statements, so the fact that he now says protesters who say they want police to get out of their neighborhoods should be banned for life from using emergency services should come as no surprise. Especially since he’s an avowed gun rights supporter who claimed in February that President Joe Biden was coming for everyone’s guns. We heard this with Obama and we all know that absolutely didn’t happen.

The comments he made above were part of a discussion Thursday on Fox & Friends about the fatal police shootings of Daunte Wright and Ma’Khia Bryant, according to Mediaite. Kilmeade defended officer Kim Potter, who shot Wright, trotting out her police record, and Ainsley Earhardt mentioned several anti-police protests that turned angry.

“In Minnesota, protesters were yelling ‘get the blank out’ and in New York at that local restaurant, ‘we don’t want you here,'” Earhardt said.

“Good,” Kilmeade said, snark sneaking into his voice. “Do you know what? You should be barred from — anyone who says that you are no longer allowed to use 911. Let’s just hope, in your life, you never need a police officer.”

That led Pete Hegseth to conclude the segment by suggesting those protesting against “want” more crime.

That pretty much sounds like the typical cockamamie things Fox News hosts parrot almost daily. All we really want is for cops to quit persecuting Black people. We don’t want anymore George Floyds, Mike Browns, Freddie Grays, Breonna Taylors, or Sandra Blands.

But Kilmeade is prone to making bizarre claims. He recently tried to blame Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for the passing of Prince Philip, who was 99 years old. Last year when peaceful protests over the death of George Floyd turned violent, then-president Donald Trump called Antifa a terrorist organization, even though white supremacist groups like the Proud Boys and the Boogaloo Bois also attended the protests and created unrest. At the time, Trump used one of Kilmeade’s talking points and took to Twitter (he wasn’t banned from the platform until Jan. 2021) to complain:

“I don’t see any indication that there were any white supremest (a term made up by Kilmeade) groups mixing in. This is an ANTIFA Organization,” Trump wrote. “It seems that the first time we saw it in a major way was Occupy Wall Street. It’s the mindset.”

I think it can be said Kilmeade’s mindset is anti-Black Lives Matter. Frankly, the fact that he said people who protest police brutality don’t deserve emergency help if they need it is a crystal-clear example of the selfishness of the right. If he ever needs help he won’t have to worry. He’ll get what he needs. He’ll never need to worry about his children growing up without a father.

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